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I know that this is not my first thread to begin with a violation of Godwin's law.

What personality do you think that Karl Ruprecht Kroenen has?
What about Kroenen's best friend, Herman Von Klempt? What about the rest of Ragna Rok (Von Krupt, Leopold, Ilsa, and Rasputin)?

I think that Kroenen is an ISTJ, since he is a sensor loner that has no empathy and does as he is told. I know he is a sensor, because he doesn't have a very developed Ni, and he is a masochist (Si). He is a good surgeon (Te). Also he has OCD (one of the reasons he is my second-fave Hellboy character [I have severe OCD]).

Von Klempt, on the other hand is an INTJ. I know this for a fact, because other than being introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging, he shows the stereotypical characteristics of an INTJ. He is into scientific experimentation, and his main goal is to create a Master Race (like many INTJs I know*wink*).

Von Krupt is an ENTJ, because he has many manager traits. He is also skeptical (Te-Ni).

Leopold is an ESTJ, because he is a devout follower of Rasputin (weak Ni).

Ilsa is an ESFP. She's the only feeler (besides Rasputin) or perceiver in her group. I know this for sure, since in "Wake the Devil" she was willing to put back her work, to meet her love (Giurescu), whom Rasputin hated.

And last but not least, Rasputin. It is obvious that he is an INFJ, since he has illusions of grandeur, and prophecies (Ni). He is not very logical, waking up monsters that bring the destruction of the Earth. I don not know why he is so intent on destroying the world. Perhaps, he hates humanity (sickly amount of introversion).

"Why destroy the world when you can conquer it." -Von Klempt
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