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Hello all.

I realized that there are several threads trying to distinguish Katy's type but they all ended with passive aggressive arguments with one person crying in the corner.

I personally think she's an xSTP.
I know, most of you probably just rolled your eyes in frustration. Just hear me out.

Watch this video. Her humor is very ISTP'ish to me. Especially the "I drink the blood of virgins" around the 7:40 mark. 3:50 and 4:02 scream ISTP to me.

A lot of people type her as an ESFP, which is pretty understandable. But whenever she shows similarity to a stereotypical ESFP, she usually does so sarcastically.

A lot of her humor is sarcastic, off-beat, satire, and deadpan.

I've heard people type Anna Kendrick as an ISTP, as well as Aubrey Plaza. They're actually all friends with each other so that's a funny coincidence.

But I do notice Ne as well so I could be completely mistaken.

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