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Keeping yourself happy?

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Hello everyone,
I am a young INTJ, single(living on my own) and 19 years of age who has a hard time with the concept of keeping oneself happy. I know I don't need someone else to keep me happy. I have a hard time with this concept honestly, as obviously being young I don't have an incredible amount of cash at my disposal or anyone I'm close to living with or nearby. I listen to music, go for drives in my car, try attempts at humor on forums (4chan if anyone cares), blah.
It gets old fast I'll say that much, I've got some emotional wounds from growing up that may play some factoring.
Do I make any sense?
In short, advice time needed.
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Hmm, have you tried finding a new hobby to keep yourself fulfilled?

If you don't mind me asking, what emotional wounds are you talking about?
New hobbies cost cash, cash is going to be decreasing in the next few months based on recent events with my car.
Emotional wound wise, a wrecked childhood and a substandard upbringing to keep it brief. :dry:

Something I wanted to add; I have a hard time keeping my motivation going honestly so don't recommend me to read any books.
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As a side note, aare you sure you're an INTJ? Maybe my perspective/objective view of INTJs is skewed (feel free to corrrect me), however, I always thought INTJs had an immense thirst for knowledge, and will by introverted means do anything to get that knowledge. That doesn't sound like your current state of being. Maybe you've just got so many ideas and projects that you're not sure where to start? Maybe you think all of your hopes, ideas, and projects are unable to be funded properly so therefore are being put-off?
Over the course of my testing through MBTI I've gotten INTJ consistently save for one instance where I scored INTP, however that was a few years ago. Based on what I've read from other INTJ members I can relate most to them on a personal basis, habits, etc. But like I said, I've got some emotional wounds so those can tend to make some of my lesser functions expose themselves more often than they would in a healthy INTJ.
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