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Keeping yourself happy?

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Hello everyone,
I am a young INTJ, single(living on my own) and 19 years of age who has a hard time with the concept of keeping oneself happy. I know I don't need someone else to keep me happy. I have a hard time with this concept honestly, as obviously being young I don't have an incredible amount of cash at my disposal or anyone I'm close to living with or nearby. I listen to music, go for drives in my car, try attempts at humor on forums (4chan if anyone cares), blah.
It gets old fast I'll say that much, I've got some emotional wounds from growing up that may play some factoring.
Do I make any sense?
In short, advice time needed.
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You need goals. Sit down and just start writing down things you want to accomplish, starting with whatever pops into your head.
eat lunch
dispose of that lunch in the toilet later
water my plants
chage out of this uncomfortable shirt
and just build upon that until you get to the point where you have reached within yourself and are beginning to list some things that were more subconscious. Finally it will get to the point where you feel like you are writing a rant, and not everything may nessisarily be something you need/want to get done, but when you have an idea that you've written enough, stop and browse the lower portion of the list. Find some long term goals there that were buried in your mind, and a few shprt term ones that you believe are importaint. Work toward these things methodically and fill your days with progress and expancion of knowledge and capability. (explore the city, learn to bake brownies. Girls like brownies.)
INTJ live is direction. without direction, an INTJ feels dead. You are at a point where you must face the position of making your own goals without someone telling/reminding you of what they think would be a good idea. Depressions always end. No depression is forever, and everyone goes through more than one in their life because life is not fair. take it with a grain of salt, and this will be what you look back on and see what you are truely made of when you may have felt you were at the bottom and in the dark.
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