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Keeping yourself happy?

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Hello everyone,
I am a young INTJ, single(living on my own) and 19 years of age who has a hard time with the concept of keeping oneself happy. I know I don't need someone else to keep me happy. I have a hard time with this concept honestly, as obviously being young I don't have an incredible amount of cash at my disposal or anyone I'm close to living with or nearby. I listen to music, go for drives in my car, try attempts at humor on forums (4chan if anyone cares), blah.
It gets old fast I'll say that much, I've got some emotional wounds from growing up that may play some factoring.
Do I make any sense?
In short, advice time needed.
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I know exactly what you're talking about. At that age, I was pretty much in the same boat. I had cut off ties with my family, and I was living alone in a new and unfamiliar place. I also had the same coping methods... music and driving. Sometimes I would drive around all night because I loved how peaceful everything was at night without all the hustle of the daytime. I could listen to music, and just drive around seeing things without being bothered.

I am not sure what you can do to pull yourself out of the doldrums. What worked for me, ironically, was finding friends with whom I could relate. I have been lucky enough to find interesting people that I could spend time with, and learn from, which helped me mature and grow. I never needed a lot of friends and attention from other people, but having face time with people I found fun and interesting was very important for me to develop interests in things I would have never experienced otherwise.

The only answer I can conjure is to somehow connect with whatever it is you feel you're missing, and try to find a way to fill that void. Especially at that age, you probably would do well with a sexual partner, as well. Just don't get stuck in the aloneness and allow it deteriorate your mental health.
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