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I would be lying if I said I could explain this is words, but this is my attempt..

My week took a turn for the better when my spirit collided with another. The impact we had upon each other wasn't just understood, it was FELT! There was new life inside of me gained from this. Even now I wonder how I got so lucky to have experienced this.

Genuinely at my core, I found my soul swimming towards this other person as a trout swims upstream to its spawn pool to create life. Battling the elements and resistance we know as expectations, time, space, even reality, just to get there; to make the pulling stop.

A force like this is as if two magnetic poles discovered the existence of each other. Once each felt the pull of the other, it becomes something which is impossible to deny. We couldn't un-know that this other person was out there, tugging at us to get closer. It couldn't be seen, only felt. With each moment that passed, with each attempt to deny its existence, it only grew stronger.

The the moment happens when souls finally meet and it CLICKS! This is what you have been fighting to get to all along! You want to stay connected forever. You want to be closer and closer and connect beyond a physical nature and simple melt into one complete being.

However, those same elements that resisted our initial connection, will ultimately drag us apart, kicking and screaming. Would the magnetism that existed before be strong enough to keep bringing us back time and time again? Was the result of the journey upstream worth the effort of the journey itself? YES!!! Remember the reason for the journey! The spirits collide and LIFE ITSELF was gifted in the form of love and energy to both!

When you feel the pull of a kindred spirit, I must urge you to go and make the connection! This is not to say go and meet in person (unless you can!). This is about adjoining the supernatural side of our humanity; rising above the plane our current reality rests upon and meeting here in this phastasmagoric realm instead.

Go and love someone today!
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