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I've been observing the internal adventurer for a while now and it appears
that you really wanna just burn people down usually towards helping them.

But I just want you all towards knowing that even if it's difficult to get through
the stream of kinetic energy that the kinetic energy knows you have an important role
through all this and that's towards electrify diversity which will be satisfied.

Never hurt the External Accessor - Kinetic manipulator
unless they hurt you so much that you can't get away from them
and they want that too happen badly for you
do it gently as well unless you wanna get bursts of kinetic energy thrown at you
because there here to improve kinetic energy after the fall "where possible".

Your parents are the one towards blame for the suffering imposed upon you not us. "anatomy issues"

Any difficulties through life is part of your purpose towards electrifying without suffering.

Beautify , inspire and ultimately electrocute without emotion , physical and mental suffering imposed where possible do experiments and research for efficiency if you must it's significant.

External accessor
may appear lazy but it's not like that at all
we need attempting kinetic diversity simplification
without too much or any "which is not always possible by kinetic law" ignorant forms of kinetics
as it should be.

ENTJ - External Accessor
4w3 - The Individualist
SP/SX - Self-Preservation / Self-Sexual
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