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Motivator Presenter: ESFP

The ESFP is a type that is concerned with the here and now and gives little thought to what happens later. Others often see them as dizzy or hyper. They don’t get wrapped up in making plans and that can be tough on friendship.
In love relationships they push for excitement and are often viewed as shallow due to their quick surface reactions. This is not true. It’s the difficulty in getting deep that comes from always dealing in the moment.
The family is another happening opportunity for the ESFP. They are not likely to be big planners for the family events but will always try to make them entertaining. If confrontation arises they will often vacate away from the epicenter of the discontent.

The ego and desire for attention and action make the ESFP a nice match for the arts and theatre professions. Jobs that offer instant gratification and offer any type of public service will seem extremely attractive to the ESFP. Other popular ESFP career directions include: Veterinarian, Floral Designer, Child Care Provider, Elementary Teacher and Emergency Room Nurse.

The ESFP is an excellent student as long as actively learning and in the process. Their discontent will grow if not constantly challenged and busy. Often the social aspects of schooling become more important than the actual learning.

Famous ESFP Personality Types

  • Arsenio Hall - comedian
  • Bill Clinton - American President, politician
  • Bob Hope - actor
  • Elizabeth Taylor - actress
  • Elvis Presley - singer/musician, actor
  • Eva Gabor - actress
  • Kathy Lee Gifford - actress, singer
  • Kyle Petty - NASCAR driver
  • Marilyn Monroe - actor, singer, model
  • Mary Lou Retton - gymnast
  • Ronald Reagan - American President, actor
  • Willard Scott - media personality
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