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Kobe VS Jordan

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Kobe VS Jordan

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Who do you think is much better player?
Well in terms of Its released shoes Kobe shoes are not good, unlike the Jordan Release...
but the way they play, how do you think is the best one?
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MJ. I've never liked Kobe much.
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Not close. MJ by a mile and a half.
yeah, kobe is still half mile before he beat what MJ did... since all who knows NBA knows MJ.... and that is the fact...
but still some new players can attain what MJ did in their career...
MJ, of course. Never lost a Finals, and won all his championships without an elite big man like Shaq or Pau Gasol.

That said, I do think it's a little unfair that the comparisons between Kobe and MJ diminish Kobe's accomplishments in many people's minds - Kobe may not be the greatest player of all time, but I'd say he's had the greatest career of anyone in the Post-Jordan Era so far.
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