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Ladies! How do you weed out the "bad eggs"? And how many roommates is too many??

Helloooo lady friends...

I am currently working on two articles for a men's magazine (targeting ages 18-45) and they require a female point of view. If you would like to contribute your input I would be much obliged. Please include in your response your first name (or 'ghost' name if you prefer) and your age.

The first question I have for you is: What is a red light early on when dating a guy? How do you weed out the "bad eggs" and/or "psychos"?

Second question: What is your opinion about guys with roommates? How many roommates is too many? How do too many roomies affect your relationship or your view on his maturity? Lastly, do you think there is an age limit for how old is TOO old to have roommates?

Thank you!!!
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