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Have I been in an LDR? I guess I'm in one now. We don't worry so much about what we label our relationship. She's like basically my dear lady friend with benefits, and we remind each other that we love each other before every time we hang up the phone.

What works? What doesn't? I'll just say for starters that I've known her for 2 years, and she's the first woman I've ever really had. I'm 42, and she's 62. Well from my limited experience I've found that the only thing that will EVER work for me is a relationship based on friendship and mutual love, along with some physical attraction. But friendship and mutual love are a must. What doesn't work? Any of the bs I've tried before.

Is there such thing as too much distance? Well yeah. Let's be real. If she lived halfway around the world I'd never have any hope of seeing her. So without that hope, what's the point? She actually lives less than 200 miles from me. But neither of us drives, and no one is too eager to transport us. She lives in another state, and this virus has thrown another obstacle at us.

How often have I seen her? I met her in person once for a weekend, and I cried when we had to go our own ways again. We're hoping we can get her to visit me in my apartment for a good week some time.

Snail mail vs. skype? I'm behind times. I've actually never done skype. We mostly just talk on the phone, but sometimes we also talk to each other and show each other things on social media.

What's the worst thing? We don't have physical contact like cuddling and what not.

What's the best thing? That I finally actually have a woman who I love and am comfortable with that loves and accepts me just the way I am. Most women aren't too keen on embracing a man with schizophrenia who doesn't have a license or work a job. But to be fair, I also don't want most women. Most women to me are either boring af or they repulse me. I've been single my whole life, but that doesn't mean I was desperate when I met her.

How do most people react? I think most people don't take our relationship seriously. How are other people really gonna know how much we love each other?

Fun things we do? Talk, joke, flirt. We also show genuine concern for each other and each other's lives. We even cry sometimes.
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