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This is totally out of our stereotype, and since it's true, this becomes more interesting. I posted this because I'm a leader of a small game studio and found it difficult handling a small to medium size organization. Turns out we have unique leading skills, so it's interesting (and valuable) to know or weaknesses so we can handle them.

Hallmark Characteristics: Gentle, Reflective, Sincere, Observant, and Idealistic

Leadership Style: Keenly aware of their immediate surroundings, ISFPs function at their best in crisis situations. They promote a cooperative supportive environment, use personal loyalty as a means of motivating followers, and allow others to lead whenever the opportunity arises.

Conflict Resolution: Uneasy with interpersonal tension, ISFPs avoid conflict and confrontation whenever possible. They thrive in surroundings that are supportive and affirming and will often walk away from a situation or job rather than deal with an environment they consider to be uncomfortable or confrontational.

Communication Style: Reserved and intensely private, ISFPs focus conversation more on others than upon themselves. They begin conversations by stating areas of accord and share personal information only after trust has been established. While quiet and considerate of others, ISFPs strongly held personal values are at the core of their decision-making process; they will become outspoken when the ideals they identify with are threatened. They persuade through positive comments and support often presented in a humorous fashion. What persuades them is genuineness and loyalty.

As Entrepreneurs: ISFPs pay great attention to humanistic aspects, value expertise, and are inventive and highly skilled at negotiating matters that involve interpersonal relations. The organizations they develop put emphasis on the present, and little consideration is given to long-range planning and formal strategy. Individuality and perfection are encouraged, decisions are made based upon values, and risk is taken to uphold principles and ideals. Communication and hierarchy are kept to a minimum. ISFPs need to augment their natural abilities with others who focus on open lines of communication and long-range planning.

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Great article, I'm just coming our of my teens, I really need to know what I'm capable of.

I love interpersonal negotiating. I'm quite good at it; I like making as many people content as possible, as long as it bears no long term consequences (which is the hard par to figuret); all within family and friends, though. I don't have much experience in any other realms yet.

I can become quite bossy, becoming very impatient with people who don't listen and follow my common sense direction, in a "crisis". They sometimes overreact at my surprising bossiness, forgetting they do the same thing to people (me!) all the time when everything is going fine. Running around like chickens with their head cut off when things get derailed, while I go into full gear.
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