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Left hand

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So how many of you are right handed or were supposed to write with your left hand as a child, but your parents made you write with your right? I have noticed that ENFP's tend to be very right-brained thinkers, and the mind controls the opposite side of the body. I was actually supposed to be left handed, but my parents forced me to write with my write, because they thought that I would have a hard time in life if I wrote with my left.
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I was the other way around. My dad tried to make me write with my left hand because he was also left-handed, but I was naturally right-handed. However, compared to most people, I don't have much trouble using either hand. I'm not quite ambidextrous (Writing with my left hand looks atrocious.), but most of my motor skills are approximately similar in both hands.
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I also have a left-handed old man, but I can't quite recall how he taught me to write. Whatever the effect, I can't write with my left at all (but geez, I can hardly write with my right anyway). I can paint with my left and shoot pool left-handed though. :proud:
Yeah, I have some things that feel better "southpaw", and there are certain things I do that make people believe I'm left-handed. (The only thing that comes to mind are check-marks. I've been told I draw them "backward"... :p)
I use my right hand for writing, but everything else i prefer left hand. I have my fork in the hand were every one else have their knife :) My grandma tried to make me change that, but I never really changed. I can eat the other way thou, I just prefer to do it the other way ;)
When I was about 10 I decided it would be good for me if I started to write with my left hand, so if I broke my right hand, i wouldn't be in that much trouble. Now, I write almost as good with left as with right.
My friend is actually left-handed now because he broke his right arm in first grade. :crazy:
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