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1- lack of confidence in making rational decisions
2- have difficulty planning ahead
3- spontaneous sometimes
4- get emotional(anger most of the time) when overwhelmed specially when something related to my weaknesses.
5- easily hurt and hate yourself when you believe others didn't give you respect you think you deserve, or ignore you or treat you like you are stupid.
6- not consistent and not very accurate and not highly point out or scan details.
7- prefer to give perceptive answers rather than accurate facts.
8- hate routine(unless it is progressive and lead to future goal), hate doing daily chores.

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I'm weird I was left handed initially for a number of years... XD
Can I answer this still because it was my inital instinct for a looong time?

1. - 8. No
9. I don't mind some routine, but I need to have a job that is not routine, and I need to have a partner who is adventurous and spontaneous.

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I'm left handed

1. Yes, rational and "common sense" decisions are the bane of my existence.
2. Yes, very much
3. Also yes
4. OH HELL YES. When someone points out my weaknesses I get so angry.
5. Yes, that as well
6. Meh, I think I'm in between on that one, but I do miss details a lot
7. Definitely
8. Maybe, again. Routine is nice to a point. After that I prefer mixing it up a bit

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1. No
2. Not really
3. Yes
4. No
I'm extremely annoyed if anyone treats me like I'm stupid but I don't get hurt or hate myself...
6. Depends, yes unless I'm interested in the topic
7. I'd say yes
8. Oh yes

INFJ less than 1%
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(Left handed)
1- Not really, but I cannot decide immediately
2- No
3- No
4- Sometimes, but not anger.
5- Yes
6- No, I pay attention to detail and aim to be straight on point.
7- No
8- daily chores...somewhat, when there is something I consider more important. I get them done when there are no distractions/other priorities.

what is this information for? I never heard these facts before :)
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