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I thought it would be interesting to do some thinkers that are usually not typed (or that I have never seen typed).

Peter Kropotkin - INFJ

Somewhat reclusive, very Fe-oriented both in his theories and in personal life. Often vowed for a logical (Ti) approach to convey his ideas.

Mikhail Bakunin - INTJ

Fire-breathing "fanatic" of liberty (Ni) although he disparaged the poor and oppressed for being religious (Fi). Politically was against Marx.

Karl Marx - INTJ

Visionary and staunch defender of his theories even if they were challenged (Europe adopted many reform measures which Marx thought would never happen).

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon - INFP (possibly ENFP)

Often felt the state to be a personal violation (Fi) and disliked creating systems. In his writing often brainstormed many examples (Ne).
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