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INTJ motto is "everything can be improved" and although I don't aspire to change the world, I do want to make it a little bit better place. It's about sharing knowledge, teaching, coaching and improving the lives of the others (hello, Fi). I'm not the most empathetic person and I'm not going to dedicate my life to helping the people in need, like Mother Theresa but I do have abilities to share and I consider it as the best justification of my existence, when I hear that someone learnt something from me and is happy about this. This is my definition of Legacy.

Sometimes I asked myself, why I will remember certain people forever...

Each time I stand on snowboard, I will remember a crazy freak Mr Angel, who refused to understand the term "vestibular disorder" and made me fearless. Each time I do a market research analysis at work, I will remember my university professor, who stayed after classes to help me with my internship project and I discovered, how to put the theory in action. Each time I speak French, I will remember madame Anne Marie, who patiently worked on my fatal pronunciation. Each time I do pivot tables, I will remember a guy from work (deceased, by the way), who showed me, how to prepare the data for pivots.

And, yes, maybe, this is not altruistic and I'm a pure narcissist but I'd like to be remembered by at least one person for this type of things.
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