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Legalization of MaryJane

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I know you most of you are probably for legalization...Isn't it ridiculous the billions of dollars that have been spent for decriminalization of the Universal Herb of Healing
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Do ENFPs need drugs!?!?
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Wow never thought it was a drug...

however it works quit well for headaches as opposed to pain killers, as well as menstrual cramps and the erratic behavior that comes with that hormonal change, um it kills cancer cells, um it helps to regrow tissue that is damaged, um works great for ADD,

and well yea, hence Universal Herb of Healing.....

Do ENFPs need drugs!?!?
It's legal where I live (Toronto)!

Not that I use it, but if you wanted you could come on up here for it. :tongue:
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calm down you....i see you are in an aggressive mood. Put a smile on your face...take a couple of deep deep breaths...:angry::cool::happy::laughing:
I'm all for it!
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