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Any of you know or familiar with legend of the galactic heroes? Theres this main character named reinhard lohengramm who was able to unite the galaxy. It goes deeper than that. Actually his dream started when his dad sold his sister to the kaiser. He despises people who only depend on their noble last names for social status as well as people who use power that they didnt work hard for which is the opposite of reinhard. Even when his dad died, he didnt forgive him because he sold his sister to the kaiser.

He has one and only friend and that's kircheis . Kircheis is the "heart" to Reinhard as he keeps reinhard from getting into trouble. Why is this? Because reinhard gets angry easily at anyone who overstep their "bounds". He isnt patient either and this is shown in the final episodes of gaiden when one person went up to them to somehow "counter attack "the opinions of reinhard. Higher nobles despise reinhard due to rapid promotion due to incompetence. Reinhard isnt one to back down from challenge even challenges that dont guarantee 100% success. (Secondary Ni?)He's very ambitious and knows how to think outside the box. He doesnt rely on traditional methods unlike other older admirals who rely on past battles ( see overture to a new war and battle of astarte for instance). He is intelligent and clever (see the first episodes of gaiden) as he was able to deduct the possible suspect behind the murder of Karl (also a gaiden episode) along with kircheis.

During the battle of astarte, he was aggressive and he made sure that he was gonna win this battle until Magician yang wenli showed up ( he is typed as an intp?)Another one example is for instance, somewhere in gaiden episodes (before the main series), the higher admiral assigned reinhard to accomplish a certain task. However, he would be guided by an authority not higher than reinhard's position ( im not sure about the rankings). When they got out of the room, reinhard made it clear to the assistant that he would do the task his own way. My first thought was he was an INTJ but after a month and watching gaiden, he is i think more closer to ENTJ. I also thought he could be an ESTJ but nah, he focuses on the big picture and can predict the movements of his enemy i think. However, he longs for her sister which could also be an indicative of either si or inferior fi. He definitely has a talent for leadership positions and is controlling. Also reinhard doesnt like failure. When bittenfield failed to complete the encirclement during the battle of amritstar,reinhard wanted to punish bittenfield but is stopped by kircheis.

As ive observed from the show (main show), he only lets few people in. He is harsh until kircheis tells him to be lenient with other admirals. When kircheis died, he somehow became ruthless for power.Reinhard, as yang wenli told his coworkers during the battle of vermillion, that he is the winner of the winners and he settles for a complete victory. Whenever he gets impatient he would tap his fingers. Everytime he gets furious or angry he would smash the wine glass on the floor ( inferior fi?). Also when he was reminded of the westerland incident he became withdrawn and slept with hilda ( another form of inferior fi i guess?).As someone who is an ixxj, reinhard is an interesting character to analyze tho. I wouldnt be surprised if griffith from berserk and him have similar mbt ( griffith is often type as entj)

Some people typed him as an intj but intj is more cautious due to high ni and tertiary se can make someone reckless.

Kircheis is somehow difficult to type. He could be an isfj however i dont see an inferior ne in him and he is somehow action oriented so maybe this could be a secondary se?. He focuses on the wellbeing of the people he loves the most so i wouldnt doubt if he is isfp.

Yang is intp. He is very creative when it comes to forming tactics. However he has a developed fe i think

Correct me if im wrong
What do you guys think of his type?

Mbti of other logh characters

Hilda-infj or istj
Kircheis-infj, isfj or infp
Reunthal- entj or estj
Oberstein- i wouldnt be surprised if hes an intj
Annerose-infj or isfj
Yang wenli- intp. I mean i wouldnt be surprised is he is one
Schenkopp-total estp
Julian- infj or isfj but i leaning toward infj
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