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Hey everyone,

I'm Spotty & I'm new here. The reason I joined up is because I'm having a lot of trouble typing a friend of mine.
I've come here in the hopes that you fine-minded peeps can help me.

This could get interesting.

Now then...

I've known this person for roughly four years. She is my friend's ex girlfriend whom I still speak to occasionally. She has done the mbti test a few times over the years, including cognitive functions tests, and each time is an extremely different result.

These are the results in order;

I also remember her telling me that years before she typed as an ENFP.

I can't exactly remember her full cognitive functions results but they were something like this;
Introverted Intuition - 90%
Introverted Feeling - 90%
Extroverted Intuition - 80%
Extroverted Thinking - 50%
Extroverted Feeling - 50%
Introverted Thinking 30%
Introverted Sensing 30%
Extroverted Sensing 30%

Well, as you can see it's kinda hard to get a result and it did say "result unclear".

I would also like to add that this person is an obvious enneagram type 4. Unsure whether she is 4w5 or 4w3, but definitely a 4.

She is very cold & distant, but she gets very passionate about certain things, to the point of obsession. This usually lasts for a few months, then she moves on to something else and forgets about the previous thing, or so it seems.

She doesn't have a huge amount of interests, she has stuff she likes but it doesn't seem to expand, she hasn't seemed to grow from what I've noticed. She likes cats, food, fish, art and that's about it.

She seems really switched on & smart, but not hugely intelligent or anything. She's a terrible speller. She's not very good with grammar and punctuation either. She seems a little closed minded at times, too.

She's creative in an artsy way, ie painting etc. She describes herself as a "wiccan", she used to work in a witch craft place doing palmistry and such. Now she is working with children (early childhood education) and wants to be a nanny.

The derogatory term I'd use to describe her is "special snowflake".

These are some of the things she has actually said;

"I don't care about other people's art, I only care about mine. When I think of art it's all about me and my emotions".

"I'm hoping to find myself this year. It's all about my journey and I'm putting myself first".

"Screw other people's feelings, only mine matter".

"People don't like me because I'm intelligent".

"I can be very manipulative when I want to be".

She seems very overly obsessed with logic and facts (not sure why). She has to be right all the time and if you prove her wrong you can literally feel her internally seething.
She is also obsessed with being unique & special hence the type 4.

She always talks about how unique & different she is saying things like "Wow, look at my results, I'm so weird lol", "I have such a complicated mind, you wouldn't understand", "most people have trouble reading me, I'm very complex", etc etc.

She thinks being called a "know-it-all" is a compliment. The thing is she's usually wrong.

I don't know about you, but all this doesn't strike me as "NT" in any way, but I could be wrong. I'm curious what you guys think.

I'm not sure if she's just not really taking the time to understand the questions on the test, she's not honestly answering the questions on the test or she has a personality disorder (which I suspect).

Note: If you need more information, feel free to ask, i'll answer anything to the best of my knowledge.

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