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Just seeing who out there likes to discipline their mind and body like me.

I am a runner primarily and a yogi second.

I have found that introducing Yoga twice a week (1x Bikram hot yoga & 1x vinyasa regular yoga) into my 4 times a week (1x speed day, 2 recovery runs, 1 long run) running schedule has made me a complete athlete. I no longer suffer with tightness in my joints when I'm running and I have intense power my legs and core during yoga.

If you haven't given yoga a chance and you are a runner, I HIGHLY recommend this change in your workout regimen.
If you think yoga is a bunch of relaxing stretches, you are MISTAKEN.

Since introducing yoga, I have gone from averaging 7:05 min/mi (5 mile runs) to 6:47 min/mi. Your mind determines how strong you are. Remember that in your next practice.
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