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If you've heard of the song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 then you sort of have an idea about Lion in the Rain as it was inspired by, in a darker twistier way. This is a true story based on the horror side of romance. I'll be editing the blog throughout my creative process so bear with me until it's finished. The goal is to at least create a masterpiece with the cards i was dealt to make a situation more emotionally bearable by giving it meaning in an artistic sense as opposed to a strictly emotional sense. My poetry pseudonym from this point forward is halluciNation. Lion in the Rain:

Bold adventure to meet someone without calling ahead
No response once there
Mind my own muses
Get trapped
Survival situation
Emotional turmoil
Mental breakdown
Identity crisis
Survived after pain
Saw the person
Revelation of angeldom
Horrific twist of fate

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