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1. My health
2. My loving parents
3. My university degree
4. My car
5. Few close friends
6. Live in Canada
7. Have shelter
8. Even though I am feeling shitty right now, I can still feel a little bit of love for myself.
9. My books
10. I have food to eat.

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1) My understanding fiance ESFJ
2) My understanding step-daughter ESFP
3) My understanding boss ENFJ
4) My crazy co-worker INFJ
5) The lessons learned from a wise uncle INFP
6) My solitude
7) My beautiful new home
8) My patio in sunny weather
9) My new e-reader
10) A cup of Saskatoon Berry Tea

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  1. That my cholesterol is 108.
  2. That I can see.
  3. That I can walk.
  4. That I can think, learn, explore.
  5. That I can hear.
  6. That I've created my life just like I want it.
  7. That I have many people who love me.
  8. That I have had paranormal experiences & experienced the *extraordinary*.
  9. That I live a *simple* life.
  10. That my cholesterol is 108.

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(Random order)

1. My health - I could have cancer, or TB or something life threatening and terminal but I don't and am in relatively good health.
2. My parents - I could be an orphan or be estranged with my parents or something similar.
3. Shelter - I could have no place to stay and be out on the street.
4. Food - I could be hungry, but instead can eat and am never starving.
5. The country I live in. I could be in a country in which things aren't as good and where it's harder to obtain the necessities...
6. My iPod and PC - they entertain me a lot
7. The internet connection. it's fast and stable and allows me to learn, read and explore and play at will.
8. My friends who I can talk to and who help bring me out of the "shell".
9. My music collection - to bring calm and peace and to make time pass easier.
10. That I am debt free and hopefully, able to chart out a plan for life that will be able to ensure that that remains largely true (rather than being, say, 65 and in debt and not necessarily sure how to get out of it).

and last (but not least): PersonalityCafe: for showing that it's not wrong to be an INFP and that one isn't alone for being one.

thanks for this thread :).

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A super healthy body.
This chance to experience life in this particular incarnation.
the good
the bad
my abstractly adventurous temperament.
MUSIC, and the inclination to write my own
capsaicin, because it makes food a lot of fun
mind altering substances/techniques.
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1. Irish breakfast tea! :) I can't overemphasise how grateful I am that it exists, nor how important a role it's played in my life.

2. Music. It means everything to me and it's how I make sense of myself and the world.

3. Living in Canada/being Canadian and all that that entails.

4. Certain people: my gran, my mum, Z, G, B, K, S... possibly/probably others as well.

5. Our national public broadcaster, the CBC. Particularly CBC radio. I know that sounds kinda weird, but public radio has enriched my life in ways I can't even begin to explain. Sometimes I've felt as though the radio is my only real companion.

6. My own capacity for emotional intensity and depth. Even though it makes life so much more difficult at times, I wouldn't want to be any other way. My emotions are what make me feel alive.

7. Nature. Humanity's general disregard for the environment makes me horribly sad -- and angry as fuck.

8. Words, language, writing, etc. I'm a total language nerd. :p I love finding the perfect word for something, I love learning new words (especially obscure, archaic or very lyrical/poetic-sounding ones), I even love learning about the more technical aspects of language (like grammar and psycholinguistics and such).

9. Marijuana. No, I'm not a lazy, brain-dead stoner. It's genuinely helped me in a number of ways. I love the intensity it can bring to my thoughts and state of mind... and as mentioned above, I'm already a pretty intense person, haha. Smoking pot occasionally has helped me experience life in very enriching and fulfilling ways that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Legalise the shit already! It's exponentially less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

10. PerC! Seriously. This forum and a number of the people on it have made me feel so much more secure in my own feelings and identity -- all in the space of a little over a week. I've absolutely no doubt in my mind that I won't be abandoning this place. There's only one other forum I've felt that strong of a connection to... and I have over 17,000 posts there (and counting!). You've been warned, haha. :p

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1. People who care about me and are there for me.
2. Being in the best university in the Middle East.
3. The fact that I'm studying something I'm absolutely in love with.
4. The lessons I have learned, the fact that the mistakes I have made didn't ruin my chances.
5. PerC definitely. I feel so at home here, I love it, I can't get enough of it.
6. The second chances I get, the new possibilities I am offered, the ability to change.
7. Music. Need I say more?
8. Yummy food - I had to. :blushed:
basementbugs said:
My own capacity for emotional intensity and depth. Even though it makes life so much more difficult at times, I wouldn't want to be any other way. My emotions are what make me feel alive.
This applies to me as well. It's not all good, and sometimes the bad is really bad, but I'm still grateful for it.
10. How hard my parents worked for us to be comfortable and secure financially.

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1. my mother and dad
2. my two friends/roommates
3. lamictal (maaaaybe???)
4. tumblr
5. online communications courses
6. tea tree oil
7. mac book/headphones/internet
8. mspaintadventures
9. my upswings of productivity
10. and for being who i am, because even when it really hurts, there is something refreshing about picking yourself up off the floor and, however wearily, trying again.

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Yeay! an uplifting thread!
Oh you Canadians are making me so jealous. I miss Canada. :(

1. my husband
2. my family
3. my friends
4. being pregnant and healthy and ready
5. having the option to control my own reproductive health
6. having the option to do many other things I might want to do someday
7. having a steady job that makes enough money to get by
8. having an education
9. living in a relatively inexpensive state where I feel absolutely at home
10. music!!

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I. The can of soda in front of me.
II. The numerous friends that I don't deserve.
III. The doughnut I am about to devour.
IV. My steady job with good pay.
V. The Internet.
VI. The concept of sarcasm.
VII. A hopeful future.
VIII. Above standard intelligence.
IX. Strong emotions and a sense of meaning.
X. My very large penis.
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