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LIstening to yourself

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Hi fellow 9s, the question is simple but the answer is sure to be complex. How do you listen to yourself?

Everyone has trouble making decisions sometimes, especially big life choices like career and relationships...but with 9s its an even bigger problem in general. So how do you guys go about really listening to know whats right for you? I have thought and thought about it and strained to try and hear myself. But I feel my intuition is still buried too deeply. I am going to try meditating, but I havnt had success with it in the past. Im just looking for perspectives and conversation.
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I think this is a big one for me, things seem so far away and out of touch that their impact doesnt give me the urgency I need until its right on top of me. Often times by then its too late to make a decision. Sometimes thats a relief, sometimes its bad.

There are a number of issues embedded in this.

One is, if I don't know with a clearly major decision (like making a career choice), oftentimes the alternatives just aren't real enough for me to decide. On the rare case that each seems equally good despite having experience with both, I handle it based on my deeper sense of priorities (which I know from a fairly logical standpoint and have defined some time ago).
Another issue is that the decision may quite frankly be quite irrelevant, and only seems to be important based on social conditioning. Regardless of whether I "should" care, there are a great many things I care not one whit about. I do try to stay open to caring, but if I don't care, no amount of soul-searching is going to change that. Usually a tough decision leads me to a third option that has nothing to do with the options first considered. Example: One summer I had to choose between a research internship and a philosophy program. That summer I ended up spending the majority of my time learning to play the violin and dabbled in art. With experience I came to realize I value the visual inherently more than the musical (despite having respect for both modes of art), so I picked up an art major my last three semesters of college.
Very interesting. Ive thought of this before and more considered it an excuse to be lazy than a legitamite reason to not decide. Having you explain it this way makes me not think of it that way, but rather just being less concerned with pressures.

The third issue, which I think is a specifically 9 issue, is committing to doing something that seems to take me in the right direction before trying to consider what does work. Allowing oneself to slide away from what one wants is a 9ish problem, but more to the point is allowing oneself to really get around to nothing at all (sloth). I think once I've taken a step back and have actually seen the issue I need to address, more soul-searching is just more distraction from the actual issue.

Anyway, that's how I listen to myself. I'm intuitively based though, so usually what I need to listen to has already passed through my consciousness and work from there. ymmv
This is another big one for me. Often times people tell me to just pick one and if it doesnt work try something else. But I hate the idea of wasting both time and effort on something Im not sure about. So instead I end up wasting time doing nothing. Im not saying that is good, just what happens. And yes, thinking about an issue more seems to not really solve it.

Thank you for the input. You say you are intuitively based, however, and I wish my intuition would come to the surface, is there a way to encourage that?
So to summarize, there isnt a catch all answer to being more intuitive, it depends on the particular situation? And if I, in fact dont have enough experience for intuition (or hearing what my wants are) to take place I just have to take an option and go with it and hope for the best? Because all the modeling in the world isnt going to get me anywhere, its just spinning tires and a good way to keep being pulled in to sloth.

I do find your first paragraph very insightful, to try and simplify the decision down to a more primal motivation could help in a lot of contexts, I will work on how to do that.
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