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some story I wrote staying up late till 6 am, well, have a read if you'd like. :wink:

Live in The Moment

"I wish I could remember this moment forever," thought Willi as he held Kate, his first love, in his arms. She tilted her head up and stared at Willi's lips with her big round eyes, inviting his lips. Willi lowered his head, closing in were his lips, and they kissed tenderly for the first time.

Willi never knew he could experience such bliss. He was determined to remember this moment. He was determined to remember the beautiful life he would spend together with Kate.

But he knew all too well that as time goes by, memories will fade. He had tried to remember the moment he first got a perfect score on a math test, and he never could. But he was determined, and the only way to guarantee the full memory of everything that happened in his life was to record everything.

He went to a spy gears store and installed a tiny camera into the frame of his eyeglasses. The camera would record absolutely everything he saw. Harry figured out a way to never forget the golden years of his life.

Surely they had their passionate and joyful moments, but as relationship goes, there's always an end. And for Harry and Kate, their 5 year romance ended with sadness and regret. For Harry, the end with Kate also marked the end of his golden years, the end of his happiness.

He desperately wanted to go back to his golden years. He felt death slowly creeping into his spine, murdering all the remaining happy cells in his body.

"I might as well be dead. I can't take this anymore," he thought.
Thus, he did the only thing he could.

For the first time, Harry played the video he had been recording since he installed that tiny spy camera. He completely immersed himself in watching the video, reliving every moment, all the joy. It almost felt like he was living in his golden years, like when Kate still loved him, like when he was still happy.

There was no truth in his world now; Harry had chosen a lie to believe in.

He lost himself in the video. In his mind, he was truly happy. He believed in the golden years.
It was real. It was real. It was real.

Harry spent the next 5 years watching the 5 year long video.
People thought that Harry had gone mad. But little do they know, Harry was the happiest man on Earth.

When the video stopped, he felt disoriented and depressed.
He stared at the blank TV screen.
He looked down at the remote control.

And Harry did the only thing he could.
He pressed PLAY.

The End
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