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This ENTP guy and I have been members of an online forum for over a year.
We live in different continents.
We started sending private messages to each other eight months ago.
It was on-and-off online comunication...
Nothing romantic...
Then we started intense online chat for a month or so...
We have huge time difference due to the geographical distance...but we still managed to chat online at least for a couple of hours on a row without a break...each time we chatted.
At this point, I had HUGE crush on him.
One day, we chatted (meaning typing) online for around 6 hours non-stop when I lost my self-control and typed the deadly three words - I LOVE YOU!!

He did not respond to this (meaning he did not type "I love you" back to me) and then I immediately ended the chat for the day out of embarrassment...before logging out, I mentioned that I won't communicate any more, because one-sided love hurts. He insisted thay we stay in touch, but I declined.

Now, I am dying to communicate with him, but I wish he was the one to initiate further communication.

Now my question is: How long (i.e. how many days, weeks etc.) should I wait before I can be CERTAIN that he will never be interested in me in a romantic way?

I need your (particularly ENTP males' advice) on how you'd react under those circumstances.
Under what circumstances would you be the one to initiate communication?

Dunno why, but I feel embarrassed to initiate further communication since he did not say "I love you" back.
But I cannot stop thinking about him every moment.

Any suggestions, feedback, insights are most welcome!

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Did you get an idea of how he did feel for you? It may be helpful to know that much. Maybe he was attracted to you, but found that one step too far and too soon? For me, there are a few variables here. If he was not interested in you at all, I suggest breaking communication indefinitely. It will slowly kill you inside otherwise. I'm very much a slave to my emotions when it comes to love. It's the one time I am at my weakest point, and if he did have feelings for you, he would have been hoping for you to get things clarified (though he would NEVER actually say it). He wants to know where you stand, and he will tell you, if asked, where he stands.

But he will most likely not be the one to volunteer the information. The problem is that due to geological differences, Ti may have already ruled out the possibility for him. It may be blocking the emotional connection with him since he has already deemed it as implausible. I'm considering a few things on this one, but even though we can imagine very vivid and unrealistic scenes in our head, there is a limit, and there has to be a chance that it could actually happen for us to put weight on it (though it will not actually take place, chance or not). Aside from this rant, my suggestion is to question him about it, one on one. Figure out where he stands and make a decision from there.
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