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"American life
I live the american dream
You are the best thing I've seen
You are not just a dream ...." Madonna

According to literature, people who are born in 2000 and later are acclaimed to generation Z. Is it so? There are some question marks from some countries, since the Gen Y, Gen X, Gen Z all of them are articulated according to the American collective memory not the local history or the memory... For example GenX'er are called latchey kids, grew up with instability, Gen Yers are entitled and lazy, Boomers are born after WWll etc. This doesnt apply to our history. Therefore our values may be different than the well accepted classifications. Thus, I, Betul Eglenoglu a researcher from Turkey decided to compare your (American youth) values with Turkish youth and to see how different cultures affects people's preferances about work.

I'm looking for candidates from US, who are born in 2000 or later to answer simple questions and it will be beneficial for society and science for sure! Thank you filling the form by now 🥰🙏


American Gen Zers Work Values
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