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TL/DR: I'm a researcher who studies patterns across type. I am seeking ESTJs to answer some questions. This research is focused on the education system. It should not take long. Respond to this thread/message me.

More Details:

I am conducting a study that focuses on the patterns between type and their experiences with the education system. Most of those questions don't seem pertinent, but they are back-door questions to see how your cognitive functions tackle concepts (abstract concepts, ethical issues, etc). Each answer is input into a program I designed to track patterns. So I look for word markers, word count, types of words used. When I'm done, I'm presenting my findings in a paper that also includes my conclusions as to how each type presents in the education system, what changes should be made to the system to better accommodate type, and advice for different parties to the system (i.e. students, parents, teachers, etc).

It's for a research project that studies patterns across type. There are 10 questions, 5 basic intake and 5 more in-depth. I have logged over 1000 interviews with individuals representing 80 countries.
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