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Hello everyone!

Nice to be here. I was surfing the net about my type as I've been feeling lost in terms of career-direction for quite a few years now and discovered this little hidden gem! I keep being pressured by others who tell me "you should be studying (at uni)!"
I ask them "studying what?"
Some just laugh and end the conversation quickly, others say "whatever you want". But I don't know!

Hoping to meet people who have also felt lost for a long time before, to hear their stories and to also make new on-line friends!

A Snippet About Me:

I don't really have many interests (or much of an interesting life for that matter), but one thing I definitely have interest in is the Korean language and entertainment (music, film, drama). I also enjoy dramas/movies/music from other countries of Asia, from Europe, from USA etc, but I would say Korean drama and music are my favourites. I thought my career path was set on working with animals some years back, so I studied and got qualified in this area. But after work experience in several animal environments, I realised that the higher-depth stuff involving science seems too technical and even quite boring as I don't relate to practical experiments very well, and kennel/stable hand/zookeeping jobs are not as enjoyable as I'd imagined because it's mostly cleaning and I didn't get much time to really get to bond with the animals like I had originally hoped (it's not fun entering an enclosure and having to avoid an aggressive animal because nobody has time to work on the psychology behind its behaviour!). When I was younger, I had extremely strong interests in art and creative writing, but since secondary school it seemed like a switch flipped in my brain chemistry which made me enjoy Maths and Chemistry/sometimes Biology more than English or Art. I feel like writing and art are part of me still though; they're my roots. I need them to survive, and if I let myself be deprived of them for more than a few days I get really irritable. :tongue:

I often feel misunderstood or seen as weird to others because of the way I naturally respond (or don't respond). I think that because I'm very sensitive, I can pick up tiny behavioural hints from others which further add to my social anxiety. I can tell when I'm not responding "normally" by reading the reactions of others, but don't know how to change that. That could make me come across as a 'special snowflake', but I hope that's not the case! If I was, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be working the job I'm working right now. I feel that I've been blessed with two best friends in my life who I can really connect and relate to on a deep, spiritual level. It's actually scary sometimes! We can even end up blurting the exact same sentence at the same time because our trails of thought are so similar. Finally, now I can explain better why I feel so confused. I feel like I'm contradicting to myself and others. I believe I have social anxiety, or even a generalised anxiety disorder, yet sometimes when I'm with the few (but golden) friends I have it's like the Heavens gifted me with greater social confidence in order to show my true self to them without even trying.

Hope this intro wasn't too weird! I'm not good at keeping things normal when it comes to social situations haha. So can anybody here relate to any of these experiences/interests/feelings? I'd love to hear from you! :proud: Sorry if it's too much!

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