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LSE/EII Duality: A Short Story Reflecting Interactions

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So... I wrote this short story for the past 30 minutes to show the interactions of an LSE and an EII. The LSE is grumpy at the moment, and the EII is an A.I., but I figured some people might enjoy reading a narrative/screenplay version of the dynamic. Notice a similarity to any pop culture? Here ya go...

In the year 2108, the United Western Federation has begun its occupation of the Central Cathedral’s Southern Breach, under the CC’s request. During the period of unrest on the Southern Breach, the Corporal Administrator, Roger Kriner, has been tasked with overseeing the UWF’s attempts to set forward base on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. The A.P.E., Artificial Protective Empath, assigned to him is known to him as Kristi, the name of a young woman who he met on the streets of Paris 15 years prior, and who warned him of joining the UWF. Ensign Matt Peringway has recently returned from salvaging on Corvo.

Roger: Marcus, are the provisions ready for tomorrow morning?

Marcus: Yes, sir. The provisions are ready, and all personnel have been briefed.

Roger: Thank you, Marcus. Get some rest tonight.

Marcus: Yes, sir.

Roger: (throws him a set of keys) And Marcus, get yourself a new jacket from the quartermaster. You’ll freeze with that hole in the back.

Marcus: Thank you, sir!

(exit Marcus)

Roger: Now, if only Peringway would return. I need him for this operation. If anything happens to go wrong with the launch skids, he’s the one who can fix it.

Kristi: Administrator, Peringway is 55 minutes late for report.

Roger: Yes, Kristi. I know.

Kristi: When Peringway is late by more than an average of 5.26 minutes…

Roger: (interrupting) Not now, Kristi. I need to check the sights on my scopes. They’ve been slipping after the first few rounds.

Kristi: (continuing) then he usually arrives within an average of 10.24 minutes of the sun setting, and by my calculations, the sun has set 9.48 minutes ago.

Roger: I said not…

(enter Peringway)

Roger: Peringway! Where have you…

Peringway: (interrupting) Sorry, sir. I was looking for copper screws in…

Roger: I don’t want to hear it, Peringway. I have been working since 3 AM to have everything in order for tomorrow. I don’t need to be keeping track of you as well.

Peringway: Sorry, sir.

Roger: Damn right you’re sorry. You’re lucky I’ve known you so long. Now go get cleaned up.

Peringway: But sir…

Roger: (interrupting) That’s it, Peringway! You’re staying here tomorrow. You have help me up on this operation far too long as is.

Peringway: …. Yes, sir.

(exit Peringway)

Roger: Damn Peringway…

Kristi: Administrator, we need Peringway for tomorrow’s operation.

Roger: No. We don’t. He has held me up enough as is. I don’t need him running around getting lost tomorrow at 0400 and delaying our departure. The launch skids are not that important.

Kristi: Ensign Peringway is one of your closest relationships on report, Administrator. He has been of valuable assistance on more occasions than his primary duty of launch skid operations.

Roger: Yes, Kristi, but he has a responsibility to be here on time, and I cannot keep jeopardizing missions for the sake of his wash-poor tardiness.

Kristi: But, Administrator, it is Ensign Peringway’s responsibility to maintain the launch skid operations. It is your duty to ensure his proper scheduling.

Roger: Well &*#^! He can’t do his OWN maintenance, if he can’t do his own scheduling!

Kristi: You need to request Peringway return, and apologize for your rash behavior.

Roger: I have more important things to tend to.

Kristi: It is your responsibility to Administrate the efficiency of the operations here. It is my responsibility to oversee the possibilities and probabilities of you Administration.

Roger: Then he should have…

Kristi: (interrupting) The probability of us requiring Ensign Peringway on this operation are 78.26%, the probability of you finding another friend to replace him on report is 11.25%, and the probability of the next operation to succeed, if my first probability is wrong and my second is correct, with an increased level of stress to you from lack of a human friend is 38.61%.

Roger: I don’t care about your damned!....

Kristi: (interrupting) It is your responsibility to Administrate the efficiency of the operations here. It is my responsibility to oversee the possibilities and probabilities of you Administration. We need Ensign Peringway on this operation, Administrator. His responsibilities will not render the operation a failure. If the operation is a failure, it will be you that have failed the report, Administrator, and it will be I that have failed you.

Roger: Kristi…

Kristi: We will fail, Roger. We will die.

(long pause)

Roger: (radio) Peringway, get back here.

(enter Peringway)

Peringway: Yes, sir?

Roger: I am sorry for my rash behavior. I value your efforts here.

Peringway: Thank you, sir.

Roger: We leave at 0400. Don’t be late!

Peringway: Yes, sir!

(next morning)

Roger: We depart in 3 minutes! (under breath) Where the ^&^$ is Peringway???

(enter Peringway)

Roger: Dag nabbit, Peringway! I thought I told you… Why do you have my rifle?!

Peringway: Sorry, sir. I saw you had trouble with your sights, so I went to Corvo the past 3 days to salvage for the copper screws I needed for the internals. Here, your sights shouldn’t slip now.

(long pause)

Roger: Thank you, Peringway. I knew there was a reason you’re my best friend here.

Peringway: (blushes) No problem, sir.

(exit Peringway)

(long pause)

Kristi: I told you.

Roger: Shut up… (smiles)
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I'm sorry I have to ask but which character is the EII and which is the LSE?
Roger is the LSE. Kristi is the EII.
I could also mention that there is a test called "the Sally-Anne test" that is used to assess theory of mind. Small enough children will not be able to pass this test as they haven't developed enough. However, children with autism doesn't develop this at all, or much later than non-autistic children. I hope this is the sort of thing that you were thinking of when posting this thread.

I feel like a robot now. ;) I don't think an EII could ever thrive in a military context.
Well it dual-purposed showing off some similar pop-culture references lol
It's also a bit confusing to me, maybe I just don't get the pop culture reference. But I don't really see much that I identify with as LSE-EII interaction in there... maybe if I got the reference, I don't know, sorry!
It's all LSE and EII...
LSE is using Si for Te in multiple occasions, infrequent sporadic Se, motivated by Fi mentions.
EII using Ne to piece information together for Fi, Fi calls to right/wrong and distance between people, sporadic Ni warnings.
Hmmm I don't really identify with Kristi at all. All she does is calculate and analyze statistics (like a computer) and base her decisions on these calculations. The end goal of these calculations are to accomplish some kind of task and how some person (Peringway) can be used as a means to an end to reach that goal. It's all very mechanical.
I do have a sense of the pop culture reference to hollywood sci-fi films.

Moreover, we do not really get to know their intentions and thoughts, only their surface behavior. And from their behavior I don't get a sense of who the characters really are. They remain flat characters.

If you'd break down this dialogue, what is your analysis of the characters and where and when they show certain cognitive functions?
The analyzing is the description of intuition. Peicing together disjunct facts to create a clear picture. Peringway is the end goal; the rest I the means she uses.

The pop culture is Master Chief and Cortana.

The behaviors have read between the line intentions. Notice how and where Kristi changes the way she addresses Roger, and her refering to herself dying (she can't, she's a machine).

Maybe I will break it down later when I get home.
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