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Lucid Dreaming

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Last night, I experienced (what I think was) my first lucid dream. I've been trying to lucid dream for a while now, but I don't think I was going about making it happen very well. A lot of things I've read tell you to keep questioning whether you're in a dream or not, but that didn't really work.

StumbleUpon took me to a website with an article about how to have lucid dreams and it suggested doing a check - I took the suggestion of seeing how high I could jump. This combined with trying to stay awake when you're tired untill you just fall asleep suddenly (your consciousness continues into your sleep or something) and managed to have a lucid dream.

Sadly, the dream was quite dull. I wasn't aware that I was dreaming in the first part.

I was at a bowling alley and there were boys from my school there - the dumb, 'neddy' (The Gallery Of Neds - I think I actually KNOW some of these people...the faces look very familiar...) boys - on their bikes. They had knifes and bags of some unknown drug. There were people telling me not to take the drug, who I trusted, while my friends all got very high, very quickly.

After escaping that, I was outside in this residential area, in a sort of grassy patch behind the houses. I look over and see stonehenge. I think this is where I started noticing that the dream was a bit weird, so I started jumping up and down. Something was wrong with the way I jumped, but it wasn't obvious yet.

I think I'd kind of stumbled in on a wedding or some sort of event for married couples who liked to run around in their wedding clothes. Two different couples ran past me and pictures were taken. It was some sort of arty thing. Anyway, I took that as a hint that I should be leaving.

Somehow, I got to the top of a house, and I was jumping all around trying to see if something was different. Eventually, I could FLY! Well, I could float around a bit. It was like I was sinking through water, really. I think I was with two other 'people' or entities. They seemed shorter than me but I didn't look at them very much.

At this point, I was happy that I was lucid dreaming but I didn't really know what to do. I was just like, "Let' to Danny Elfman's house?"

So, I got to Hollywood (which looks a lot like Kilsyth, where my gran lives) and David Cameron's there, being an idiot. He wants to blow up a particular house because he has something against it and Nick Clegg's there, trying to calm him down and tell him to stop being silly. He did end up destroying the house, and everyone was just a bit like, "Why would you do something as silly as that?"
This bit did make me laugh, but when I woke up, I wasn't sure if he actually DID blow up a house. It was very convincing.

Anyway, after we got past that, we got to Danny Elfman's house. It was actually a little museumy type thing about Danny Elfman that wasn't very useful or interesting or accurate. Mr. Elfman wasn't there, but there were Tim Burton style drawings about his childhood. I think his mother might have been there. There was a lot of pink, patterened wallpaper and nothing made sense about it.

I think I went into space for a bit. There might have been neon space dancing.

Then I end up in my highschool. It's night. I pick up a phone and there's a prerecorded message or song from Frank Zappa playing on the other end, which was oddly comforting. Then I get the feeling that I live in the school and my bedroom is through one of the doors in the staff corridor, but then I think that it's a stupid idea. I think that's when I woke up.


It was all very strange and pointless and I would have liked to be able to have more control over the dream and believe it more. I think I'm getting worse at imagining scenes and pictures, so I think that's why I couldn't really make actual events happen. Perhaps I will try talking to myself next time to see what my subconscious can tell me.

I'd like to know about YOUR lucid dreams - or your regular dreams, if you haven't had any lucid ones.

BTW, I think I might have had a few dreams where I was KIND OF aware that I was dreaming, but couldn't really change much about it. The ones where I'm naked in public.

I think there was one where I was in school and this neddy girl just kind of looks over at me and says, "You're naked."

I was just like, "Hey! I guess I am!"

Then I kind of realised I was dreaming and started dancing about and saying, "I'm naked and you don't really care and you can't really stop me! Ha ha!"

I think I just sat there quietly for the rest of it, smiling to myself.
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I had a recurring dream as a child of flying. I flew in a lot of dreams, but there was a particular one where I stood at the top of the stairs in my house and jumped and I just floated down to the bottom.

It had the nicest lighting and atmosphere. There was a yellowish/orange light coming in through the glass in the door and it was a lovely, lazy summer's day. It was all in soft focus, too.

Thankfully, I never tried doing it in real life.

When I fly in my dreams, I usually have to paddle my feet or whatever and I just lean back and hover a few feet of the ground and move around. The next morning, I'm always convinced that I should be able to fly by doing that. Never works. It was a bit of a pain in the backside.
I didn't manage to have a lucid dream last night. However, my Physics teacher was there, wearing this leopard print dress with a white bra and white pants on the outside. He was running around the streets with a feather duster, smiling.

It's the kind of thing he'd do while not quite understanding why everyone else is laughing at him. Poor man.

I quite enjoyed how I didn't have full control over everything. If I did, it would be a bit like a crappy daydream. The fun of lucid dreams is the conscious interaction with your subconscious. What I would like to do in a lucid dream is find a personification of my subconscious and have a chat with them...see what I can figure out.
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