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Lucifer - The Netflix Series

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Lucifer is an ENTP - no doubt!
Chaotic and charming.
I see my Angel self in Lucifer .....

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Lucifer's comedic effect is how he can't see hidden big pictures, until they blow up in his face and he has to deal with them. He prefers to just experience stuff and learn as he goes, and sometimes switches to more J psychology of needing things to go his way and having to plan/control etc. His gf has more intuition written in her character than him tho she isn't an N character overall. Ella is closest to a realistic EN(F)P and the only N as far as I remember.
Lucifer is more like a stereotypical, negatively portrayed SE character than anythin, with some STJ in the mix.
His tone and way of speaking reminds me of ENTP/Ryan Reynolds, way too theatrical, animated and talks in a... questioning manner? Rather than direct & definitive. Bit too sensitive to snide remarks and passive aggressive comments. But behavior wise, CAN sometimes be reminiscent of ENTJ/ESTP I guess.

But moments like these; Check the subtle movements, it's very feminine.

No fkin way hes ENTJ/ESTP LOL
he's a fictional character, don't expect to be close to a realistic person, his personality is more archetypically ESxx but even then doesn't make him realistic necessarily
he's definitely not an NT of any type. I can believe F over T for him than any N.
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So, are you thinking ESFP?
The debauchery aspect perhaps?
I just don't think Lucifer's character in particular is very consistent with a single type, I think he's mostly a mix of STs which shifts depending on the episode and season sometimes more F when it suits the script.
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