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The dreams are conceived as the jewels are mined
Forged from blackness and elusive to find
Moulded in the hands of pressure and heat
Immaculate creations with no trace of deceit
We idealize the diamond treasures
Without discerning the pain from pleasures
Thus our diamonds have flaws, imperfections
When thrown into streets at intersections
We must be careful not to taint the divine
When we go digging for answers in a polluted mine
We must be privy to the ways of nature's hand
The truth flowing in her oceans, peace in her land
Only under great compression does stardust assemble
To forge a new monument at the gates to the temple
A star is born when pieces come together
When in foggy conditions they somehow weather
To become bright candles untested by rain
Burning with transcendence, unphased by pain
Like luminary landmarks lighting up the night
To make men grateful for their gift of sight
The joyous diamonds twinkle in midnight majesty
Conceived from black coal to form quite the tapestry
We are the stars who shine through the ebony
Each composing our notes to ring in the symphony
Though we burn out twice as quickly, we ignite twice as bright
To guide home the wandering through the thievery of night
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