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One thing with Apple is without the original mind behind it anymore, it does lose some of it's ingenuity at this point with the newer products that come out. I don't mean that it's completely lost, but it's where some of the cashgrabbing comes in.

Apple has some great video software, but the PC does have some formidable counterparts to it. There is also the fewer virus component of Apple. In my experience, Mac is good with costumer service. Macs also generally have a light and sturdy design.

But money/wallet is a big concern especially in this day and age, and when an Apple product is on it's last legs, or when problems come up, it's definitely not the best in that department.

I think there is indeed a bigger developing community with PCs.
I was thinking about buying an iPad Mini. Just look at the full line-up of iPads now, it’s absurd how many there are. I think the 7th generation iPad uses the same processor as the 6th generation iPad which uses a processor from 3 years ago. I’m very confused.

I got the iPad Air 2 and it has the tri-core A8X chip and 2GB of RAM so it’s not really that bad. The only iPad Mini that would be an upgrade is the newest one.

I was looking at iPad Mini because it was smaller. Now apparently most of the iPads are 10+ inches and mine is the traditional 9.7 inches.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts