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The tables below are the official compilation of Mafia games on Personality Cafe.
The games have been listed following the same order located within the sub-forum.

PerC Mafia Compilation

**Table 1**

Mafia I: Small Town BluesfreyalieselMafia WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia II: Suburban NightmarefreyalieselMafia WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia III: Revenge of the TowniesEverleaTown WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia V: Newbies to the NightfreyalieselTown WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia V.5: Different Sides, Same PurposeFluffy Panda BearDrawQTs Unavailable
Mafia VI: Return of the MafiaGeneral LeeSK WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia VII: Gotta Kill 'em AllfreyalieselTown WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia VIII: Turf WarEylridDrawQTs Unavailable
Mafia IX: Red ScareGeneral LeeCommunists WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia X: Mutineers Among UsDear SigmundCrew WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XI.5: Little TownGuu (being/sanari)Town WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XI: Death Notefreyaliesel & NekoNinjaInvestigators& Ryuk WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XII: Post ApocalypseNekoNinjaVampires WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XIII: Witch HuntAlddous1031Town WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XIV: Ave CaesarGeneral LeeCaesar WinPost #713
Mafia XV: Produce in PandemoniumDear SigmundFruits WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XVI: Obscure FantasyGuuMages WinPost #457
Mafia XVII: Space Station FeverAlectoReapers WinPost #1594
Mafia XVIII: Death of Papa RapiGuuAbandonedQTs Unavailable
Mafia XIX: Hunger GamesHelios/Ananael/Faceless BeautyTown WinPost #1538
Mafia XX: Quest for ChintamaniAlectoTown WinPost #1246
Mafia XXI: Chaos at the CarnivallolthevoidlolTown WinPost #1124
Mafia XXI.5: Scourge of NoctemFlatlanderTown WinPost #889
Mafia XXII: Death NoteSpadesTown WinPost #1340
Mafia XXIII: BatmanEl PachoTown WinPost #2084
Mafia XXV: Clash of the TitansAlecto & El PachoAbandonedQTs Unavailable
Mafia XXVI: Survivor Madness/Last Man StandingPuccaLoveternity WinsPost #206
Mafia XXVII: PerC House MafiaKito & lolthevoidlolMafia WinPost #3607
Mafia Intermission GameHeliosMafia WinPost #1512
Mafia 2of4LoveternityTown WinPost #746
Mafia XXVIII: Sherlock Holmes: MASQUERADEwisterias & FlatlanderTown WinPost #916
Mafia Mini I: A King and His Menlost monkeyAssassins WinPost #738
The Second Death of Papa RapiGuuTown WinPost #803
Mafia XXIV: Titanomachy - The PreludeAlecto & SpadesTitans WinPost #688
Mafia Mini III: True LoveLoveternityTown WinPost #778
Mafia XXVII Hamlet - Murder in ElsinoreSocioApathetic & KelvinTown WinPost #1004
Mafia Newbie I: 2of4cue5cTown WinPost #638
Mafia Mini IV: Baby, Too Much Scum!HeliosTown WinPost #449
Post #450
Mafia Newbie II: 2of4 Looney Tunes MafiaPuccaMafia WinPost #249
Mafia XXIX: Van Helsing Meets Twilightlost monkeyTown WinPost #3077
Mafia Mini V: Escape the AsylumSonnyMafia WinPost #781
Mafia XXX: Pick Your PowerLoveternityMafia WinPost #1287
Mafia Mini VI: Fight Club MafiaJ SquirrelMafia WinPost #1317
Mafia XXXI: The Scummatrixbenr3600Mafia WinPost #1404
Mafia Newbie III: ClueSpadesMafia WinPost #660
Mafia Mini VII: Medical MafiaLoveternityAbandonedQTs Unavailable
Mafia XXXII: Exotica Family Reunionscue5cTown WinPost #3893
Mafia Mini VIII: Unbroken InsomniaChoiceTown WinPost #90
Mafia Abridged I: Drunk MafiaJ SquirrelTown WinPost #728
Mafia Newbie IV: The Lost BoysSonnyMafia WinPost #1030


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** Table 2 **​

Mafia XXXIII: D. Gray-manL0ro & PuccaTown WinPost #2074
Mafia Mini X: GRIMMPuccaCarnagePost #787
Mafia Mini XI: Promcue5cMafia WinPost #839
Mafia XXXIV: Supernatural (Demons & Diamonds)wisterias & HeliosTown/3P WinPost #1871
Mafia Mini IX: Avatar: TLASpadesTown/3P WinPost #878
Mafia Newbie V: The Lion KingDyslexicon & KyoMafia WinPost #553
Mafia Mini XII: True Love IIKitoTown WinPost #1019
Mafia XXXV: FarscapePuccaMafia/Harvey WinPost #1870
Mafia Newbie VI: TangledKyoMafia WinPost #473
Mafia Mini XIII: DollhouseJ SquirrelTown WinPost #1432
Mafia Newbie VII: Pokemonbenr3600Town WinPost #904
Mafia XXXVI: Buffy the Vampire SlayerPurpleApple &
Mafia/Faith WinPost #1722
Mafia Mini XIV: Anotherlost monkeyTown WinPost #756
Mafia Newbie VIII: Gravity Fallscue5cTown WinPost #1031
Mafia XXXVII: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ringbenr3600Town WinPost #2055
Mafia Newbie IX: Orange is the New Black: "Lesbians in Litchfield"Shabby & SocioApatheticTown/3P WinPost #1304
Mafia Mini XV: Donner PartyPuccaTown WinPost #888
Mafia Newbie X: Archer: **Enter the Danger Zone**SocioApathetic & ShabbyMafia/3P WinPost #1018
Post #1030
Mafia Mini XVI: Anime Tag TeamOwner of A Lonely HeartMafia WinPost #311
Mafia Newbie XI: Earth 21

Mafia Newbie XI: Planet 16
cue5cMafia WinPost #246
Mafia XXXVIII: Fairytale ”Grimoire Heart Arc”lost monkeyTown WinPost #1656
Mafia Newbie XII: Buddy GamesPuccaTown WinPost #3752
Mafia Mini XVII: The War on DrugsSpades3P WinPost #732
Mafia XXXIX: Pretty Little LiArscue5cTown/Redcoat WinPost #2182
Mafia Newbie XIV: Higurashi No Naku Koro Nisnowbell, Holgrave, PuccaMafia WinPost #645
Mafia Mini XVIII: The World Needs A Herolost monkeyTown WinPost #702
Mafia XLI: Star Wars - Reign of the SithSpace CatTown WinPost #3207 (Google Drive Link)
Mafia XLII: Reservoir Dogs - DDUChoiceMafia WinPost #1075
Mafia Newbie XIV: Grinchmasbenr3600 & PuccaIce Mafia WinPost #1351
Mafia XLIII: Fruits BasketPuccaFreedom Faction WinPost #1021
Mafia XIX: Happy Tree FriendsGuuTown WinPost # 1351
Mafia Microbrew II: *~Drunken Daze~*SocioApatheticTown WinPost #1223
Mafia XLIV: The Avengersbenr3600Town WinPosts #1447 and #1448
Mafia Newbie IV: The Hunchback of Notre DameDyslexicon & KyoMafia WinPost #1792
Mafia XLV: Battle RoyaleKyo & DyslexiconModerator WinPost #848
Mafia Mini XX: My Little PonySpadesTown WinPost #2426
Mafia Mini XXI: Penicillin Pandemoniumsnowbell, ENTrePreneur, & benr3600Mafia WinPost #795
Mafia Micro III: DiobolikOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #491
Mafia XLVI: Law of Uekilost monkeyDrawPost #3463
Mafia Newbie XVI: Buddy Games II - Battle for Greendalecue5cS4 Writer Mafia WinPost #3923
Mafia XLVII: Yugioh Picking SimplicityOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #3118
Mafia Mini XXII: Owner's Chaos and Smevel's RevengeOwner Of A Lonely Heart & Hakase smevelTown & Death Class WinPost #3434
Mafia Newbie XVII: Lucky Number 13snowbellMafia A WinPost #1867
Mafia XLXIII: HeroesJ SquirrelTown WinPost #3248
Mafia Mini XXIII: Rainbow Cavernscue5cMafia WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia Newbie XVIII: Little Town of ReincarnationbeingTown WinPost #1248
Mafia XLIX: What Will the Past Hold?FlatlinerTown WinPost #2380
Mafia Mini XXIV: Mother GoosePuccaTown WinPost #1771
Mafia Newbie XIX: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesjeb. & ENTrePreneurTown WinPost #1384
Mafia Mini XXV: SherLOCKEDroL0221B Baker St. WinPost #850


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** Table 3 **

Mafia Newbie XX: Mean Girlsgirlinthemoon & PuccaMafia WinPost #1282
Mafia L: Paranoia Cruise Controlcue5cCruise Control WinPost #5677
Mafia Mini XXVI: AbfabDear Sigmund & cue5cMafia WinPost #863
Mafia Newbie XXI: Cannibal Cultsnowbell & lolthevoidlolCannibals WinPost #1578
Mafia LI: Day of the DoctorRaevonSK/Town WinPost #2905
Mafia Mini XXVII: Mafia AnonymousFlatlander & lolthevoidlolSaboteur Team WinPost #1807
Mafia Newbie: XXII: The Big Bang TheoryOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #575
Mafia LII: Cry of the BansheeDear Sigmund & snowbellCarnagePost #1969
Mafia LIII: A Song of Ice and FireJ SquirrelLannister/Night's Watch WinPost #2648
Mafia Mini XXIX: Frozen - Battle for AredelleStaceofBass & PuccaTown WinPost #1840
Mafia Newbie XXIII: Cthulhu Mythos - The Call of CthulhuVergilCultists WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia LIV: Project ChaosQrivaN, AAD
& J Squirrel
CarnagePost #899
Mafia Mini XXVIII: Grassland Nightscue5cTrickster Spirit WinPost #2130
Mafia Newbie XXV: Donnie DarkoDyslexicon & girlinthemoonMafia WinPost #1342
Mafia LV: O Brother Where Art Thou?Pucca & bellisauriusTown WinPost #3919
Mafia Micro IV: Johnnies vs. Helenas - Drunk High NoonAlles_PalettiHelenas WinPost #807
Mafia Mini XXX: Truth or Daresnowbell & HalcyonTown WinPost #1803
Mafia Newbie XXVI: WoW - UBRS!jeb & Lunar LightRaid Bosses/SK WinPost #1493
Mafia Micro V: Fruits vs. VeggiesDear Sigmund & Doctor SleepVeggies WinPost #307
Mafia LVII: What the Wifom!?!?bellisauriusGreek WinPost #4268
Mafia Mini XXXI: Pirates of the Carribean - Idols of Popul VuhAlles_Paletti & Lunar LightMafia/3P WinPost #1094
Mafia Newbie XXVI: The Walking Deadxdollie. & PuccaSK/Town WinPost #2189
Mafia LXIII: Skulduggery PleasantStopwatch & snowbellMafia/3P WinPost #5092
Mafia Mini XXXII: GooniesPucca & LassieHeartsTown WinPost #890
Mafia Newbie XXVII: GremlinsPucca & Sherlock HotesMafia WinPost #3887

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** Table 4 **

Mafia LIX: Funco. Eternal Slumbergirlinthemoon & cue5cYellimbo WinPost #4392
Mafia Mini XXXIII: 7 Minutes in HeavenOwner Of A Lonely HeartMafia WinPost #2709
Mafia Newbie XXVIII: Ten Little IndiansVanilla SkyTown/Survivor WinPost #2038
Mafia LX: YWATTC The MusicalDoctor Sleep & zombiefishyAbandonedPost #3269
Mafia Micro VI: New Year's EvilPuccaMafia WinPost #407
Mafia Mini XXXIV: Cthulu Mythos- Dunwich HorrorLaegwenTown WinPost #2249
Mafia Newbie: XXIX: Winnie The PoohOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #2247
Mafia LXI: PerC House Mafia IIOwner Of A Lonely HeartNew Mafia Vets & cue5cPost #9379
Mafia Mini XXXV: America's Next Top ModelDyslexiconMafia WinPost #1874
Mafia Newbie XXX: Hot FuzzJ Squirrel & hawkataineTown WinPost #1214
Mafia LXII: Cthulhu Mythos - The Nameless CityLaegwenCultists WinPost #4814
Mafia Mini XXXVI: True Love IIIPodMafia WinPost #1426
Mafia Newbie XXXI: Mushroom MadnessxdollieIce Mafia WinPost #2056
Mafia LXIII: World WarAlles_Paletti & snowbellEngland/Tzara WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia Mini XXXVII: This Is The Endlost monkeyMafia WinPost #2201
Mafia Newbie XXXII: Angel BeatsAlette & Vanilla SkyMafia WinPost #1502
Mafia LXIV: Twin Peaksgirlinthemoon & DyslexiconTown WinPost #3466
Mafia Mini XXXVIII: Tokyo GhoulxdollieMafia B WinPost #1985
Mafia Newbie XXXIII: Castlehawkataine & LizabethMafia WinPost #1671
Mafia Micro VII: WalpurgisnachtOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #615
Mafia LXV: Storytellercue5cTown WinPost #4017
Mafia Mini XXXIX: Hunger GamesAlette & PuccaDistrict 4 WinPost #274
Mafia Newbie XXXIV: Cat! I'm a kitty catzombiefishyMafia WinPost #1658
Mafia LXVI: White Collar CrimeAlette & TheobromaMafia & 3P WinPost #4090
Mafia Mini XL: Electric Castlehawkataine & Wolf's TaleMafia WinPost #802
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