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The tables below are the official compilation of Mafia games on Personality Cafe.
The games have been listed following the same order located within the sub-forum.

PerC Mafia Compilation

Mafia I: Small Town BluesfreyalieselMafia WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia II: Suburban NightmarefreyalieselMafia WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia III: Revenge of the TowniesEverleaTown WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia V: Newbies to the NightfreyalieselTown WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia V.5: Different Sides, Same PurposeFluffy Panda BearDrawQTs Unavailable
Mafia VI: Return of the MafiaGeneral LeeSK WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia VII: Gotta Kill 'em AllfreyalieselTown WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia VIII: Turf WarEylridDrawQTs Unavailable
Mafia IX: Red ScareGeneral LeeCommunists WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia X: Mutineers Among UsDear SigmundCrew WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XI.5: Little TownGuu (being/sanari)Town WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XI: Death Notefreyaliesel & NekoNinjaInvestigators & Ryuk WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XII: Post ApocalypseNekoNinjaVampires WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XIII: Witch HuntAlddous1031Town WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XIV: Ave CaesarGeneral LeeCaesar WinPost #713
Mafia XV: Produce in PandemoniumDear SigmundFruits WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia XVI: Obscure FantasyGuuMages WinPost #457
Mafia XVII: Space Station FeverAlectoReapers WinPost #1594
Mafia XVIII: Death of Papa RapiGuuAbandonedQTs Unavailable
Mafia XIX: Hunger GamesHelios/Ananael/Faceless BeautyTown WinPost #1538
Mafia XX: Quest for ChintamaniAlectoTown WinPost #1246
Mafia XXI: Chaos at the CarnivallolthevoidlolTown WinPost #1124
Mafia XXI.5: Scourge of NoctemFlatlanderTown WinPost #889
Mafia XXII: Death NoteSpadesTown WinPost #1340
Mafia XXIII: BatmanEl PachoTown WinPost #2084
Mafia XXV: Clash of the TitansAlecto & El PachoAbandonedQTs Unavailable
Mafia XXVI: Survivor Madness/Last Man StandingPuccaLoveternity WinsPost #206
Mafia XXVII: PerC House MafiaKito & lolthevoidlolMafia WinPost #3607
Mafia Intermission GameHeliosMafia WinPost #1512
Mafia 2of4LoveternityTown WinPost #746
Mafia XXVIII: Sherlock Holmes: MASQUERADEwisterias & FlatlanderTown WinPost #916
Mafia Mini I: A King and His Menlost monkeyAssassins WinPost #738
The Second Death of Papa RapiGuuTown WinPost #803
Mafia XXIV: Titanomachy - The PreludeAlecto & SpadesTitans WinPost #688
Mafia Mini III: True LoveLoveternityTown WinPost #778
Mafia XXVII Hamlet - Murder in ElsinoreSocioApathetic & KelvinTown WinPost #1004
Mafia Newbie I: 2of4cue5cTown WinPost #638
Mafia Mini IV: Baby, Too Much Scum!HeliosTown WinPost #449
Post #450
Mafia Newbie II: 2of4 Looney Tunes MafiaPuccaMafia WinPost #249
Mafia XXIX: Van Helsing Meets Twilightlost monkeyTown WinPost #3077
Mafia Mini V: Escape the AsylumSonnyMafia WinPost #781
Mafia XXX: Pick Your PowerLoveternityMafia WinPost #1287
Mafia Mini VI: Fight Club MafiaJ SquirrelMafia WinPost #1317
Mafia XXXI: The Scummatrixbenr3600Mafia WinPost #1404
Mafia Newbie III: ClueSpadesMafia WinPost #660
Mafia Mini VII: Medical MafiaLoveternityAbandonedQTs Unavailable
Mafia XXXII: Exotica Family Reunionscue5cTown WinPost #3893
Mafia Mini VIII: Unbroken InsomniaChoiceTown WinPost #90
Mafia Abridged I: Drunk MafiaJ SquirrelTown WinPost #728
Mafia Newbie IV: The Lost BoysSonnyMafia WinPost #1030

Table 2​

Mafia XXXIII: D. Gray-manL0ro & PuccaTown WinPost #2074
Mafia Mini X: GRIMMPuccaCarnagePost #787
Mafia Mini XI: Promcue5cMafia WinPost #839
Mafia XXXIV: Supernatural (Demons & Diamonds)wisterias & HeliosTown/3P WinPost #1871
Mafia Mini IX: Avatar: TLASpadesTown/3P WinPost #878
Mafia Newbie V: The Lion KingDyslexicon & KyoMafia WinPost #553
Mafia Mini XII: True Love IIKitoTown WinPost #1019
Mafia XXXV: FarscapePuccaMafia/Harvey WinPost #1870
Mafia Newbie VI: TangledKyoMafia WinPost #473
Mafia Mini XIII: DollhouseJ SquirrelTown WinPost #1432
Mafia Newbie VII: Pokemonbenr3600Town WinPost #904
Mafia XXXVI: Buffy the Vampire SlayerPurpleApple &
Mafia/Faith WinPost #1722
Mafia Mini XIV: Anotherlost monkeyTown WinPost #756
Mafia Newbie VIII: Gravity Fallscue5cTown WinPost #1031
Mafia XXXVII: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ringbenr3600Town WinPost #2055
Mafia Newbie IX: Orange is the New Black: "Lesbians in Litchfield"Shabby & SocioApatheticTown/3P WinPost #1304
Mafia Mini XV: Donner PartyPuccaTown WinPost #888
Mafia Newbie X: Archer: **Enter the Danger Zone**SocioApathetic & ShabbyMafia/3P WinPost #1018
Post #1030
Mafia Mini XVI: Anime Tag TeamOwner of A Lonely HeartMafia WinPost #311
Mafia Newbie XI: Earth 21

Mafia Newbie XI: Planet 16
cue5cMafia WinPost #246
Mafia XXXVIII: Fairytale ”Grimoire Heart Arc”lost monkeyTown WinPost #1656
Mafia Newbie XII: Buddy GamesPuccaTown WinPost #3752
Mafia Mini XVII: The War on DrugsSpades3P WinPost #732
Mafia XXXIX: Pretty Little LiArscue5cTown/Redcoat WinPost #2182
Mafia Newbie XIV: Higurashi No Naku Koro Nisnowbell, Holgrave, PuccaMafia WinPost #645
Mafia Mini XVIII: The World Needs A Herolost monkeyTown WinPost #702
Mafia XLI: Star Wars - Reign of the SithSpace CatTown WinPost #3207 (Google Drive Link)
Mafia XLII: Reservoir Dogs - DDUChoiceMafia WinPost #1075
Mafia Newbie XIV: Grinchmasbenr3600 & PuccaIce Mafia WinPost #1351
Mafia XLIII: Fruits BasketPuccaFreedom Faction WinPost #1021
Mafia XIX: Happy Tree FriendsGuuTown WinPost # 1351
Mafia Microbrew II: *~Drunken Daze~*SocioApatheticTown WinPost #1223
Mafia XLIV: The Avengersbenr3600Town WinPosts #1447 and #1448
Mafia Newbie IV: The Hunchback of Notre DameDyslexicon & KyoMafia WinPost #1792
Mafia XLV: Battle RoyaleKyo & DyslexiconModerator WinPost #848
Mafia Mini XX: My Little PonySpadesTown WinPost #2426
Mafia Mini XXI: Penicillin Pandemoniumsnowbell, ENTrePreneur, & benr3600Mafia WinPost #795
Mafia Micro III: DiobolikOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #491
Mafia XLVI: Law of Uekilost monkeyDrawPost #3463
Mafia Newbie XVI: Buddy Games II - Battle for Greendalecue5cS4 Writer Mafia WinPost #3923
Mafia XLVII: Yugioh Picking SimplicityOwner Of A Lonely HeartTown WinPost #3118
Mafia Mini XXII: Owner's Chaos and Smevel's RevengeOwner Of A Lonely Heart & Hakase smevelTown & Death Class WinPost #3434
Mafia Newbie XVII: Lucky Number 13snowbellMafia A WinPost #1867
Mafia XLXIII: HeroesJ SquirrelTown WinPost #3248
Mafia Mini XXIII: Rainbow Cavernscue5cMafia WinQTs Unavailable
Mafia Newbie XVIII: Little Town of ReincarnationbeingTown WinPost #1248
Mafia XLIX: What Will the Past Hold?FlatlinerTown WinPost #2380
Mafia Mini XXIV: Mother GoosePuccaTown WinPost #1771
Mafia Newbie XIX: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesjeb. & ENTrePreneurTown WinPost #1384
Mafia Mini XXV: SherLOCKEDroL0221B Baker St. WinPost #850

With a HUGE thanks to SocioApathetic, J Squirrel, and Pucca for organizing and updating the list.​

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If any of you have a lot of time to kill, and feel in a Mafia mood, I recommend you read over the second Death Note game. That was absolutely awesome.

Good job on compiling all the past mafia games, @Love. This should be stickied :)
Where've you been lately? :sad:

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If any of you have a lot of time to kill, and feel in a Mafia mood, I recommend you read over the second Death Note game. That was absolutely awesome.
Ooh, yeah, I agree.
@lolthevoidlol 's Chaos at the Carnival's an excellent game to read to get an idea of what's happening though, for those who're starting out. Simple but effective setup.

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Was there no game 16 or 24?

MOTM November 2013
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QTs for each game:

Mafia I Small Town Blues
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia II Suburban Nightmare
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia III Revenge of the Townies
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia IV Mafia Strikes Back
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia V Newbies to the Night
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia V.5 Different Sides, Same Purpose
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia VI Return of the Mafia
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia VII Gotta Kill 'em All
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia VIII Turf War
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia IX Red Scare
Several players posted PM conversations with other players:

Mafia X Mutineers Among Us
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia XI Death Note
Some quotes from scum chat:

Mafia XI.5 Little Town
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia XII Post Apocalypse
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia XIII Witch Hunt
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia XIV Ave Caesar

Mafia XV Produce in Pandemonium
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia XVI Obscure Fantasy

@Dante, the pit bull. Am I not allowed to work? :p
@Yours, the last demon was lynched.

Mages and assorted others win the game.

Go to this page to see all the quicktopics, as well as a play by play. Obscure Fantasy - QuickTopic free message board hosting

Mafia XVII Space Station Fever

@Dagger, @Angelic Gardevoir, @donkeybals, @SocioApathetic, @ujellyfish, @topix @Love, @Ramysa, @Yours, @timeless, @MrShatter, @sanari, @FacelessBeauty, @MNiS, @Kito, @Psychosmurf

I have internet on a PC now.. :D

These are the QTs.

Mafia XVII : Space Station Fever Roles - QuickTopic free message board hosting

Private conversations not concerning Mafia have been deleted.

Have fun reading.

Mafia XVIII Death of Papa Rapi
-No QT listed post game.

Mafia XIX Hunger Games

Mafia XX Quest for Chintamani

I...uh...fell asleep.

Game is over.

Professor Plum was the last of Vritra's Generals (RoleBlocker).

Town has won.

QTs for your entertainment

Mafia XX: Quest for Chintamani - QuickTopic free message board hosting

Mafia XXI Chaos at the Carnival

@CeresZal @ChefHedgehog @DeasVail @Dear Sigmund @El Pacho @FacelessBeauty @Kito @lost monkey @Maybe @Possibly @Probably @Pucca @Psychosmurf @topix @Vergilius @Yours

Thank you all for a wonderful game. I greatly enjoyed being your mod. The whole game this was me-

I encourage everyone to go back through the thread and thank everything!

And without further ado....

Witness the frustration that is being a doc-

Witness the delight of being a cop-

Witness the chaos that is a clown-

Witness the scheming of your scum-

Again, many thanks to all!

Mafia XXI.5 Scourge of Noctem


Doctor (Pucca): Noctem Doctor Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Doctor (El Pacho): Noctem Doctor Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Private Eye (Maybe): Noctem Cop Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Vampires (Vergilius, Possibly, Kito): Vampire Group Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting

I had fun moderating. Thanks all, for participating in my first game.

Mafia XXII Death Note

Mafia XXIII Batman

Mafia XXV Clash of the Titans

Mafia XXVI Survivor Madness/Last Man Standing


Mafia XXVII PerC House Mafia


Mafia Intermission Game

@kaleidoscope @Thanketernity @StaceofBass @Axarin @cue5c @Sonny @Kito @Stopwatch @ShadowedSilhouette @Sporadic Aura @lost monkey @Dolorous Haze

And last night, scum took control of the town with a Kill.
@ShadowedSilhouette was a Vanilla, she won with the town.

Mafia Wins.

For your entertainment, some QTs:
Mafia Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Mason Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting

Thanks for playing everyone. It's been a blast. Please play again in the future. :happy:

Mafia 2of4


@cue5c, @Stopwatch, @Owner Of A Lonely Heart, @kaleidoscope, @lost monkey, @FacelessBeauty, @Bast

Just messing with you. Night won't be necessary. =P

lost monkey, Mafia Role Cop, has been lynched on Day 3.

And with that, Town have achieved their wincon. Congratulations! The 2nd variation was chosen for this game (Sane Cop & Jailkeeper).

I'd like to thank you all for playing, including @StaceofBass and @ShadowedSilhouette. I'm sorry that things got ugly at some point, I hope future games won't have that.

Night actions:

Night 1:

Bast jailkeeps Stace
Owner investigates benr
Stace investigates cue5c (blocked)
Stace NKs kaleidoscope (blocked)

Night 2:

Bast jailkeeps kaleidoscope
Owner investigates cue5c
Stace investigates Owner
Stace NKs kaleidoscope (protected)

QuickTopic link (if this link doesn't work just let me know and I'll link each topic separately)

Mafia XXVIII : Sherlock Holmes - MASQUERADE


Sorry :unsure: I did try, schedule wouldn't allow me to end day early any other way than the alternative I offered though.

Congrats on holding your own so well :)


Sherlock - Scum Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Sherlock - Sherlock and Watson Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Sherlock - Hudson QT - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Sherlock - Lestrade QT - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Sherlock - Mycroft QT - QuickTopic free message board hosting





Moriarty: Spades
S. Moran: Phobos
Adler: Kelvin
Anderson: Sonny

Mycroft: El Pacho

Sherlock Holmes: Dolorous Haze
John Watson: Loveternity

Lestrade: cue5c

Hudson: lolthevoidlol

VT: FacelessBeauty, Maybe, SocioApathetic, Almost, Bast, Kito

Mafia Mini I - A King and his men

The Second Death of Papa Rapi

Mafia XXIV: Titanomachy - The Prelude

~...and the last of our enemies has found comfort in our dear Lady Ananke's arms~

@Owner of a Lonely Heart is dead. She was Poseidon, the last Olympian.

The Titans, and all the humans aligned with them, win.


Mafia Mini III - True Love

Fixed. xD

Time for the super special awesome QTs!

lost monkey
Owner of a Lonely Heart

This game was a blast to mod. I LOVED the QT discussions you guys had! <3

Mafia XXVII: Hamlet - Murder in Elsinore

Mafia Newbie I - 2of4

Mafia Mini IV - Baby, Too Much Scum!

Oh and here's the QT. :3
Never a chance :wink: I was simply playing on the basis that there may be a tomorrow, in which case I was screwed cause LM was as much of a town read to me as Summer and I was going to get super paranoid. As in more than normal =/

And damn @ Kelvin for calling it so early.

FBI Agent- Sonny - QuickTopic free message board hosting

@CeresZal if you want to know how I read your role, post #23, as I told you it wasn't just you.
Mafia Newbie II - 2of4 Looney Tunes


1. Naught - vanilla town
2. Doll -
vanilla town
3. cue5c -
town cop - 2of4 Looney Tunes - Town Cop - QuickTopic free message board hosting
4. Nominal Code -
vanilla town
5. QrivaN -
mafia cop - 2of4 Looney Tunes - Mafia Chat - QuickTopic free message board hosting
6. iamlost -
town jailkeeper - 2of4 Looney Tunes - Town Jailkeeper - QuickTopic free message board hosting
7. ChefHedgehog -
mafia goon
8. St Vual -
vanilla town
9. Gastropod -
vanilla town

Mafia XXIX - Van Hellsing Meets Twilight

Mafia Mini V - Escape the Asylum


Cue sat down in a heap and asked Cue what was happening, people seemed to be looking him with their angry people faces on.

"They clearly have a problem" Cue answered "they can read your mind communications and want to kill Cue".

Cue pondered for a moment at the obvious truth behind this "you know they never did like cue either", cue nodded in agreement.

Cue jumped into the conversation "thissssss issss true".

Cue was startled for a moment when Cue quietly started giggling like a school girl "you don't get it, do you?" she whispered "you never understood what it was all about".

Cue looked at Cue then back at Cue"get what?" they asked her.

"It wasn't you they were after, we all know you're as innocent as a new born babe" she paused to let out a laugh "it was me!"

Cue gasped and tried to strangle Cue while everyone jumped on Spades and killed her.


Spades was so very sane.

Cue was clearly insane.

Pucca jumped on QrivaN and stuck a spoon in his ear, Kaleidoscope laughed and pushed Stopwatch out the window then set upon Owner asking her which part of her she should eat first as she was simply starvvvving.

Scum now get to do dirty things to your bodies.

The Madhouse - scum hideout: The Madhouse - kaleidofuckingscope, cue5c and Pucca - QuickTopic free message board hosting
The Mortuary - dead players QT: The Mortuary - QuickTopic free message board hosting
Mafia XXX - Pick Your Power

Mafia Mini VI - Fight Club Mafia


~Fight Club Mafia~

@Stopwatch as Tyler Durden, a Fight Club Member
@Sonny as Jack, a Fight Club Member
@Loveternity as Bob, a Fight Club Member
@gingertonic as Ricky, a Fight Club Member
@leafstone as The Mechanic, a Fight Club Member
@kaleidoscope as Angel Face, a Fight Club Member
@CeresZal and @QrivaN as Bus Driver w/ Broken Nose, a Fight Club Member
@Gastropod as Bruised Bar Patron #2, a Fight Club Member

@Nominal Code as Police Commissioner Jacobs, a Police Infiltrator
@lost monkey as Inspector Bird, a Police Infiltrator
@Doll and @FacelessBeauty as Inspector Dent, a Police Infiltrator
@summer solstice as Detective Stern, a Police Infiltrator

~I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom.~

The End...

...Or is it?

Link to QTs


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I don't save QTs because they clutter my list... Sorry guys.

MOTM November 2013
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