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Game of Thrones

"When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die." -Cersei Lannister

“Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.” — Lord Varys

There are different ways to play this game. How you play is entirely up to you.

Game start:

The first day will last 72 hours, each day period thereafter will last 48 hours, and each night period will last 24 hours (note: we might extend night to 48 hours if needed). Everyone is allowed to post during day, and noone is allowed to post at night (except in QTs). Daleks_exterminate and Pifanjr are the moderators.


You each have a character, but every allignment is the same.

Each player gets:
- 2 Perks (1 given based on your character and one to be chosen in your QTs before the game starts, see list in next post)
- 4 gold in N1 and 3 in N2 and thereafter, that can be spent on a list of powers. Note that you can opt to not spend points and you will keep those points for next night.
- 5 Defense points (DPs); each time you get a vote, 1 is removed. When all are gone, you are eliminated.

Wincon: Win when you (or you and your allies) are the only survivors or nothing can prevent this from happening.

Note: You can make alliances in this game, so you could have several. It is therefore possible that YOU win but your ally does not.

Example: Say there are 3 people left. A is allied to B and C. A will win, B and C will not. If B and C would be allied as well, all three would win.
Don't assume you can trust your allies just because you can win with them


This is a game. Please remain civil. Attack arguments, not people.
PerC rules on forum behavior apply as normal.

Play to win and have fun.
Do not quote any private communications from us. Private communications between players is forbidden.
You are not allowed to discuss this game outside this thread or in the assigned QTs.
If you have a question, please use your private QT (or PM either of us in case of urgent matters)
Roleclaiming is allowed (which in this game, means claiming your chosen perk).
Be nice! (See Rule 1)


If you signed up, please be active. You are required to post 3 game related posts per day, or will be modkilled.

New Mechanics Checklist:

- Perks: Instead of roles, the game has a list of "perks". You will receive one based on character. You can also choose 1 at the start of the game and they will give you a certain benefit. You are allowed to choose the same perk as your assigned one (as long as it makes sense to do so)
- Defense points: Instead of lynching the player with the most votes, players have defense points. At end of day, your vote total is removed from your defense points. If you go to 0 or below, you die.
- Gold: Instead of having fixed night actions, all players can buy powers from a list of powers at night. Gold that is not spent transfer over to the next night.
- Hidden votes: All types of votes in this game only count when posted in your private QT in the required format. Votes counts are revealed at end of day (or after 24 hours, in case of Westros Council elections), but not voting choices! You can still spy on people and see who they voted for.
- Westros Council Elections: Every day in the first 24 hour, pick a resolution from the list below and vote for the king of Westros. You can't vote yourself, unless you are currently the king. The resolution is revealed in the thread after the King is chosen. In the 2nd half of the day people can vote "Yay or Nay" for the resolution the king chose. You get 2 votes for this resolution if you are the king. If a majority (players alive/2, +1 votes) "yay" the resolution will take effect at end of day and last for the next night and day phase.

Voting, Westros Council Elections, Lynches and Deadlines:

Voting: WARNING: Votes in the thread do not count! Voting has to be done in your private QT and no other QT. Voting should be formatted in the QT like this **Attack Database Errors**
Failure to follow the previous rule will result in your vote not being counted
A vote will remove a defense point from the player you are voting for at end of day. Players who are at 0 defense points or below at end of day will be lynched.
Voting is mandatory. Failure to vote will result in an automatic self-vote. Intentional self-voting is allowed.
Votes posted after Twilight time is reached will not be counted - ie, if your vote is cast at 21:59:50 it will be counted, but if it is cast at 22:00:00 it won't. PerC's post timestamps will be used in the time calculations if needed.

Westros King Elections:
Electing: WARNING: Electing in the thread does not count! Voting has to be done in your private QT and no other QT. Voting should be formatted in the QT like this **Crown Daleks_exterminate**
Failure to follow the previous rule will result in your vote not being counted
Whoever has the most votes after 24 hours will be elected "King of Westros". In case of a tie, whoever reached majority first will be elected.
Voting is mandatory. Failure to vote will result in a random vote. Self-voting is not allowed, except if you're the king.
Votes posted after 24 hours is reached will not be counted - ie, if your vote is cast at 21:59:50 it will be counted, but if it is cast at 22:00:00 it won't. PerC's post timestamps will be used in the time calculations if needed.

Westros Council Resolutions:
Resolutions: WARNING: Voting for resolutions in the thread does not count! Voting has to be done in your private QT and no other QT. Voting should be formatted in the QT like this **Yay** or **Nay**
Failure to follow the previous rule will result in your vote not being counted
If a majority (people alive/2, +1) votes "yay" the resolution passes.
Voting is mandatory. Failure to vote will be an automatic "yay".
The king gets two votes.
Votes posted after Twilight is reached will not be counted - ie, if your vote is cast at 21:59:50 it will be counted, but if it is cast at 22:00:00 it won't. PerC's post timestamps will be used in the time calculations if needed.

Day and night start:

The days and nights start at 23:00 (10pm Amsterdam time)
Twilight is the period of time between 22:00 (9pm Amsterdam Time), and when the Day End post comes up.
Once your death scene is posted, you are dead.
You may post one non-game related gah post after you've died. After this, no talking (including QTs) unless you're told in your QT otherwise.

Action order:

Steal, Block/Embargo/Silence, Create alliance or QT or the Neutrality power, Espionage/Investigate, Protect, All other powers except each factions special ability kill, Factions special ability kill.

If you don't have enough gold for whatever reason (someone raids for example) we will go first to last on your submitted actions. The bottom ones would be removed first, so prioritize.

Flow of game:

The game starts in Daytime.
In the first 24 hours of every day, you have to vote for the king and choose a council resolution. Failure to vote in time will result in your vote being randomly assigned and a random resolution will be chosen for you. Votes after the 24 hour period will not count.
Vote in your private QT using the above-mentioned format.
Nighttime deadline arrives. Have your action in at least 2 hours before next Daytime or it will not be activated. No talking during nighttime in the thread. Go to bed!
Roles/alliances will not be revealed when killed.
If your death scene is posted, you’re dead. Do not post or pm anything until the game is finished.
Days and Nights end and start at 10 pm Amsterdam time


You may not deliberately lurk, even if it would benefit you. You may post only a vote.
Please inform us if you will be away for an extended amount of time and unable to post.
Please inform us if you need a replacement. If you do and none can be found, your spot will be modkilled.
Our involvement is to make sure people have not disappeared, to count votes, and to ensure the smooth running of the game.
Do not post hidden [invisible, tiny, etc.] text.



Every player has one perk assigned based on their character and chooses one at the beginning of the game (in secret, in their private QT):

you may choose from:
1) Rich: One extra gold at the start of the game, and every uneven turn (so 1, 3, 5, 7 etc.)
2) Tough: One extra maximum defense point
3) Gossip: Get a random free espionage every day; type and target are both random. You can send out two 25 word messages everyday to someone. Those players can reply with a 25 word message as well.
4) master spy: Your espionages cannot be blocked (but still falsified).
5) Rightful heir: One extra vote in council resolutions; one extra vote on yourself for becoming the king of Westeros.
6) Secretive: You can choose one alliance you make during the game: That alliance cannot be found even if you or your ally are investigated. It can also not be broken in any way. Alternatively, if you opt to be neutral later in the game investigations will not reveal this.
7) Vengeful: Your vote counts double if you vote for a player voting you.
8) Aggressive: Twice per game, but not more than once per turn, you can choose to lose a defense point and gain an extra vote.
9) Raiding: Instead of a 50% chance of success, stealing gold from another player has a 75% chance of success.
10) Diplomatic: Gain a free QT with someone at the start of the game (this does not make you allies); also you can bargain with people you have a QT with. In exchange for gold you pay, they have to take an action or vote. If they don't have the gold you don't have to pay them.
11) Diehard: Powers with negative effects targeting you have a 25% chance to fail.
12) Bodyguard: You can choose a player every night; all negative actions and votes on that player (the next day) will be redirected to you instead. In addition, reduce the amount of total votes that were redirected to you by 1.
13) Resilient; cost of "Strengthen Defenses" does not go up. You can still only use it once per turn.
14) Shadow Magic: Keep QTs with players even after they are eliminated; eliminated players can choose to send you their remaining gold when they die if you are at least in a QT with them; can make QTs with eliminated players.
15) Cautious: You never lose gold due to powers being blocked or otherwise failing.
16) Chatty: Can spend gold to make a QT during daytime instead of night. Can only be used once per day. In addition, You also know the number of alliances and people in it; including the amount of people that chose to be neutral.
17) Natural born leader: You start w/o a benefit, but gain the starting perks of all your allies.
18) People Person: Choose 3 players every day and learn either their total amount of defense points or gold.
19) Informed followers: Choose 3 players everyday and learn what perks they have.
20) Inside Information: Twice per day, pick a single statement a player puts in a post (like, who they're voting for or with who/whether they're allied). The mods will will tell you whether that statement is True or False in your QT. If a clear true/false answer isn't possible, the power fails.
21) Large Military: You get 1 gold less to start and 1 less each turn. Start with 3 extra DPs
22) Peaceful: You start with 1 less DP but two extra gold
23) loan shark: You may loan someone up to 3 gold each night. They have until the next night to return it. If they do then you get your gold back, but if they do not, your gold is returned doubled. This can only be used once per night.
24) Informed: 3 times a day, you can request the vote count to the mods (including westros council votes) - you still will know who voted for who with the exception that it will be revealed who is voting for you.

Council resolutions:

(named after random GOT houses words)

1) Hear Me Roar!: Everyone gets 1 gold immediately.
2) As High As Honor! : For each player, the first alliance made this night is 1 gold cheaper.
3) Family, Duty, Honor! : Everyone can establish a QT with one person that lasts for a day.
4) Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken!: Everyone who is not in an alliance gets 1 extra gold (essentially the same as 1) on the first night)
5) Growing Strong!: Everyone gets 1 gold for every ally they have.
6) We do not sow!: Choose one player: Nobody can make alliances with either them or their allies next night.
7) Fire and blood!: Next turn, players enjoy their own perk as well as the ones from their allies.
8) Winter is coming!: For each player, the first alliance made next night is 1 gold more expensive.
9) Our Blades are Sharp!: Choose one player: That player and all his/her allies lose 1 defense point.
10) None so Fierce!: Choose one player: That player and all his/her allies gain 1 defense point
11) Tread Lightly Here!: 5 players get a quirk by the chosen king. The quirk lasts the entire game or one turn, at the discretion of the king.
12) Behold Our Bounty!: The 3 poorest players (random if there are ties) each get 2 gold next turn.
13) Above the Rest!: The 3 richest players each get 2 gold next turn.
14) Touch Me Not! : Next turn, all actions involving espionage are at double cost.
15) Set Down Our Deeds!: No talking in QTs next day.
16) First in Battle: Next turn, players cannot be eliminated regardless of how many votes they received; this resolution can't be chosen more than once.


One gold:

• Send a raven; Create a (permanent)QT with another player;
• Strengthen defenses; Regain a defense point; can be used once per phase only. Every time you use this power, the cost goes up by 1.
• House stores; Gain 1 additional gold every turn. Can be used once every turn and no more than twice in the game.
• Different types of espionage:
o Vote espionage; Finds out who a player has voted for; in case of multiple votes, the result is “multiple” and reveals one vote randomly. Also reveals council related votes.
o QT espionage; Finds out who a player has QTs (“letters sent by ravens”) with; reveals all QTs.
o Alliance espionage; Finds out who a player has an alliance with; in case of multiple alliances, the result is “multiple” and reveals one alliance randomly; in case a player is neutral, that will be the result.
o Action espionage; Find out what actions a player took this turn; does not reveal the target.
o Target espionage: Find out who a player targeted this turn. Does not reveal what action was taken.
o Counter Espionage; Blocks espionage on you this turn (with 75% chance of success per attempt).

Two gold:

• Fake intel; When you are spied on this turn, you can send fake investigation results of your choosing.
• Veto vote; Remove one of a player’s votes this turn; one of that player's votes does not count.
• raid; Steal 3 gold from another player (50% chance of success)
• Isolate; Roleblock one player; that player cannot spend gold this turn; any actions they take are cancelled.
• Paranoia: Next turn, votes or (negative) actions from allies have no effect on you.
• Overrule: Target player cannot speak in the thread, but can still speak in QTs.

Three gold:

• Additional vote; Get an additional vote this turn
• Permanent alliance; Propose a permanent alliance with another player; that player can decline the alliance; if that player accepts (s)he also needs to spend 3 gold (and have that gold). Note that this also creates a QT with your ally. Players in a permanent alliance can win together. If the other player declines or doesn't have the gold required, you still lose 1 gold. Note that this does not immediately include other players in your alliance. So A and B can be allied, A and C can be allied, but B and C can still not be in an alliance. Both players gain 1 defense point which also raises the maximum. This point goes when your ally dies. Players in alliances can choose to gift each other gold.
• Silence; Targeted player cannot speak the next phase including QTs (but can still use actions and vote).

Four gold:

• Voting shenanigans; Redirect all a player’s votes for this phase to a target of your choice. If that player is investigated, the new targets are shown.
• Support ally: Choose an ally: That ally gains a defense point (up to their current maximum).
• Counter aggression: Everyone who votes for you next turn loses a defense point. This is only revealed at the end of the day.
• Preventive action: Any negative actions (including espionage) on you fail this night and tomorrow.

Five gold:

• Neutrality; Gain 2 defense points (increases maximum to 7), and an extra vote each turn; lose the ability to form permanent alliances permanently. All alliances are ended immediately, but the cost of this power is 1 gold higher per current ally. Can still form QTs and those are not ended.
• Backstab: Choose an ally; that ally loses 3 defense points.
• Defense exchange: Choose a player. You and that player and your allies all get 2 DPs. Reveals all your allies to each other.

Six gold:

• Embargo; Targeted player cannot vote and use actions for one phase and does not benefit from alliances for one turn (their defense points cannot go below 1 because of this power)
• Master diplomat; Create a permanent alliance and a QT with a player; that player cannot decline.

Seven gold:

• Defensive; Lose only 1 defense point for every 2 votes on you this turn, rounded down (so 1 vote would be 0 defense points, 3 would be 1 defense point)
• Millitant: Reduce the defense points of the player who cast the “hammer vote” by 3 when you die. Lasts until the end of the game.

Eight gold:

• Denounce: Designate a player as “enemy of the Westros”; all votes against this player count double this turn.
• Pray to the Lord of Light: Bring an eliminated player back to life on the next turn with one defense point; restore their alliances as well and add one defense point per ally. Players cannot be revived more than once.

Nine gold:

Use your special ability attack. How this happens is dependant on your character, but the targeted player loses 5 defense points. It is publicly announced in the thread which player(s) spent gold to perform this action and what their unique ability is. Players who are eliminated by this power cannot be revived.

Good luck.

I drive a blue tricycle with a gold bell.
8,511 Posts

I drive a blue tricycle with a gold bell.
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1) Votes in the thread don't count, only in QTs!
2) Please choose a resolution you want enacted and vote for the player you want to be the Westros King within the next 24 hours! (Or otherwise we'll randomize it for you if you haven't by then)

I drive a blue tricycle with a gold bell.
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Reminder: Voting is mandatory. Vote also for a player to attack each night. Each vote will remove a defense point from a player. Failure to vote will result in an automatic selfvote. Intentional selfvoting is allowed.


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Heh heh well someone's a bit too eager.

Premature initiation effects about 1/10 Mafia players :(

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I feel like this is Paradox Interactive does Mafia. Like, which button should I press?

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