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Mafia LXXVI: Murder in Sleepytown
as presented by Clyme and Lizabeth

The little village of Sleepytown rests among a collection of high-peaked, forested mountains. It is the one place where one is more likely to arrive by accident than by intention, following the unbeaten side-trails off the distant main roads until the trees begin to contort themselves, the animals stir with an uneasy restlessness, and the humidity begins to increase as one enters nearer to the murky swamps. The inhabitants of Sleepytown are a peaceful folk, but they scarcely speak among themselves, saving interactions only for the bartering of wares. They prefer, instead, to hole up in their ramshackle little homes and stare furtively into their desolate community, awaiting whatever may come. A traveler to these parts would note the eerie quietness that pervades itself throughout the area, only to immediately feel the gaze of the strange figures hiding behind the slats boarded over many of the windows to these hovels. Fortunately, newcomers are a rarity among these parts.

This was the state of the village until one fateful Summer Solstice in the mid-1900s. The animals raved like wild beasts, the whipporwills clamored among the treetops in an anxious expectation, and the sounds madness were in the air. The sounds and movements of the creatures almost contained a rhythmic consistency, but certainly no familiar rhythm known to humanity. Rather, it was an ancestral rhythm, borne long before humanity's infancy. Soon though, all was quiet again. Over the next few days, always after the night, corpses were discovered throughout the village. Bodies were found mutilated, hacked apart, stabbed, and gored beyond recognition. One of the village elders, having been there since the settlement of the area, spoke most portentously: "There is a great evil among us." Those were the last words uttered from his lips before the night came and he disappeared forever from the face of Sleepytown.

{Forum Rules}
~ PersonalityCafe Rules apply.
~ Mafia Rules apply.

{Game Phases}
~ Day 1 will be 72 hours in length. All following days will last 48 hours.
~ Night phases will last 24 hours.

~ The person with the most votes will be lynched.
~ Lynches will occur at day-end.
~ All votes are considered final at Twilight.
~ In the result of a tie, the lynch target will be randomized.
~ If no votes are placed, no lynch will occur.
~ "No Lynch" is a valid vote.
~ Votes must be formatted as **Vote Clyme** or they won't be counted.

{Voting - Rule Changes}
~ Day Phases may be set to 24 hours with a unanimous vote using the following format: **Vote 24-Hour Days**

~ All claims are permitted.

~ When a player dies, they are permitted one "gah!" post.
~ When a player dies, they will join the graveyard.
~ The graveyard is uninformed.

{Moderator Actions}
~ As the moderator, I reserve the right to warn, punish, rehabilitate, and adore players in any way that I see fit. While I will try to be fair, please do not break the rules.

[Noteworthy Information]
~ All Roles and Alignments are randomly distributed.

~ There are multiple scum factions.

~ Factions are flavored and upon death reveals, their role and alignment will be flavored as well. Their role/alignment will be highlighted in red if they're Mafia-based or purple if they're Third-Party-based.

~Faction-specific flavored names replace the "Mafia goon" title, so as an example, a goon from one Mafia faction with an undead flavor might be labeled as a "Ghoul*." When this occurs, there will be an asterisk star to indicate this and a description below to eliminate confusion.

~ Night-Kill sequences will include clues indicative of the faction that killed the person.

~ Some faction-abilities may be shared communally rather than being the sole-ability of an individual. In these instances, factions will be able to select one of their members to use one of their abilities.

~ Some players may be able to use more than one ability.

~ For players and factions that can use more than one ability, restrictions may exist that limit the usage of said abilities, such as 'one ability per night' or 'x-shot.'

~ A list of the potentially included factions and roles/abilities in play will be below.

[Potential Factions]
1-3 Mafia Factions
1-3 Third-Party Factions

[Potential Roles/Abilities]
Cop, Alignment
Cop, Faction
Cop, Role
Mafia Goon (and flavored variants)
Serial Killer
Vanilla Townie

D1 Begins
D1 Timer

Note: D1 officially begins at 8:30pm GMT -7 and subsequent day and night phases will begin/end at this time. The thread is being opened early for everyone's convenience (including my own convenience).
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For those that have seen this thread but potentially been confused by the whole "the game officially begins at blah blah" spiel: everyone's welcome to post now. The first day will just end at 8:30pm GMT -7 on the 9th so that I can consistently keep that time-frame going. That's all that means. Post people. <3

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...welp, colour me confused XD

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Last notes:

-If You See An Amazon package arrive, that's probably for me.

-if you have a pack of spare batteries, may I please borrow them?

-Watch out for Dizzy. He's probably part of the 2nd scum faction.

And with that, I sleep. Gn, see you game end with town victory.


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I'll just be walking my dog around town.

My dog is tougher than he looks.
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