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Making up stuff, which turns out pretty accurate

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I just noticed this one yesterday even though I am pretty sure that it has happened before i.e. making up stuff about things which I usually don't know much about but it turns out pretty accurate to an extent.

My therapist asked me to read about BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and schemas ... I didn't get the time to read but during the session when I was asked about them, I made up stuff about BPD ... mostly symptoms and signs, which turned out pretty accurate then I said things about schemas which were even more accurate ( like we assimilate new data in older schemas and we also create new ones etc. ).

At the end of the session, I was given a handout which pretty much said the same things about BPD and schemas ... :laughing:

I want to know if this has happen with 'NTs' all the time or it is something which can happen with anyone i.e. any MBTI types, are there ways to get better at this ? :tongue:
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I notice I do this alot, due to my Ne, I'll speak on something I know little about and just roll random ideas about it off my tongue, which makes me feel like I'm making it up, and some of those things will actually be correct, and the whole time I feel like I just fooled people into thinking I'm smart lol.
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