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I dont know who wrote this, but its broken english or something.. UGH! I wish I could have understood it better. lol.

Male portrait

Young Hamlet first of all attracts attention in new company. Noble appearance is successfully combined with artistic manners. It is possible to say vice versa: artistic appearance is successfully combined with noble manners. Briefly, bright eyes, spectacular gestures, the sea of charm - all this produces an impression on the girls.

Hamlet, prince-like, his clothing can vary from professional to extravagant and creative. Youths of this type are found to follow the trends, frequently even those without that spectacular appearance--earrings, chains, anything black, the bandana, the skull ring, the skeleton pendant--all this is used for the adornment, especially in youth. Hair can be long or short, natural colored or dyed, from anything to green.

However, Hamlet, from the first minute of meeting someone can entertain a familiar by captivating conversation. In this case his eyes shine, and conversational themes are found immediately. Sociability in men of this type is accompanied by bright emotionalism and incorruptible enthusiasm. But his speech, as a rule, consists of surprising descriptions and many excellent epithets. As a rule, around him is an enormous quantity of people, although they may be only surface acquaintances. And even if Hamlet does not associate with them constantly, if by him they are desired, at any moment he can renew contact.

In school he is the merry, life-loving child, who with great interest associates, then learns. Although, in principle, Hamlet can learn completely well. It is an entire misfortune that he possesses weak will, and he frequently therefore cannot force himself to be occupied if he considers something uninteresting. Weak will sometimes to such an extent that it overcomes him, that in the morning he cannot force himself to arise from the bed, and as a result of which he misses school.

One of the most dear subjects to him is history. Moreover, he writes well and possesses a rich imagination, giving literary treatments to his work, so his compositions are frequently constructed better than in others. Geography also draws him, since, when he matures, journeys will become his dear occupation. He is drawn by the unknown, untrodden paths, the romantic of distant roads. Therefore already in school he often becomes a frequenter of tourist clubs.

Hamlet pleases himself to command and to lead--indeed in his soul this youth is a real leader, and precisely there he begins to master the necessary habits of leadership. Tourism provides him with romantic experience and contact, without which he himself simply cannot think. Add here his constant companion, the guitar, with which by his beautiful voice he sings his own and others' strange songs, and his romantic happiness will be complete. In connection with this is recalled one very old song Of "brigantina", where in the romantic key are mentioned "flibust'ery and adventurers...". Apparently, in majority their these were Hamlet.

Young Hamlet loved to think over all trifles of march life and on the eve of the current march reminded each that it is necessary to take on the cigarette lighter. Being master to kindle bonfire, it as always studied this itself, but he has and other matters, so that from time to time without its examination bonfire attenuated, and sequential cigarette lighter disappeared in the complete darkness in the grass next to kostrishchem. Then it took in someone one additional cigarette lighter and again kindled bonfire. And several times during the evening thus continued. To the following morning, when all came out from the tents, then they saw around the bonfire whole scattering of cigarette lighters.

Among the enthusiasm of this thinly feeling youth from the childhood itself there can be the music, literature (in particular, poetry) and drawing, within the framework of which it attempts (frequently successfully) to appear its talent. But most of all it draws self expression on the scene. It loves and knows how to enter into the most different means, literally delighting in by litsedeystvom, and also noticeably it looks as the variety singer.

If you proved to be in one company with Hamlet, for you it is not necessary to display initiative in order to be introduced to it. Well, if only to you fell already entirely modest, entirely shy and timid Hamlet (such also they are encountered). But consider, this youth, regardless of the fact, it does have romantic- lyric nature or it possesses merry disposition, does not love vertikhvostok and svistushek. Serious, even strict girls please themselves him. Specifically, to such girl, as will correctly await his entire life, he wants to always return to from his distant journeys.

If you selected for yourselves into the satellites of the life of Hamlet, await, that around you by itself will be arranged the merry, reckless, a little shebutnaya life. To you not it will be never with it boring. Moreover in your house there will always be many friends, and at the holiday table you even risk to meet unknown to you (and few familiar to him very) people.

To in earnest devote himself to economy? No, this, of course, is not his style. On the nature he is romantic and nomad, and therefore his interests always comes before his way of life. However, are encountered sometimes and such THE HAMLET, who know how rather well to use drill. Only do not await, that the husband will during entire life with the rapture make to you re-plannings in the apartment or hang somewhere else pictures in the tendency toward the ideal cosiness and the unsurpassed beauty. Nevertheless it more greatly occupies in the life something that more elevated.

As a rule, your satellite of oars is optimistic, ready to support you by its bright emotions. But if relations are not added, it will always know how to express to you its displeasure in the form of cold contempt, with the aid of the dramatic explanation or having simply increased distance. It feeling of guilt also nothing is worth hanging somewhere else on you, even if you completely in nothing are guilty. So that you be vigilant!

It will try to transmit to its children its enthusiasm in the subjugation of space. By entire family you will regularly leave to nature, into other cities and countries. It adores to travel, to drive on entire light, and also (without fail!) to photograph and to remove films about its journeys. Indeed to it so is necessary everything to see, everywhere to be present, and the main thing - to describe then about all this, in order to be absorbed in by its impressions of rest. It will without fail call friends - and otherwise why it then did travel? - it will show and say, say, say! On many this produces impression, and they light up by the idea to repeat unusual route. But already the crowd of people, which can envelop with his influence and action Hamlet, can be extremely large. He is a truly great leader, who leads all through the deserts, the mountains, doly, forests and fields! Forward, there, beyond the horizon! Where the leg of man yet did not step! Although, on the truth speaking, almost no one is capable to repeat his exploits.

Since Hamlet is unpretentious in private life and not oriented to comfort, he is inclined to place himself into the extreme conditions. This entertains him. His extremism can take the different forms: from the loner lifestyle with a minimum quantity of resources in order to test his ability to survive, to bicycling on mountains or in the desert of the Gobi, where instead of the water it is necessary to drink camel urine. Briefly, Hamlet is ready to venture anything, provided no one made a journey similar to it.

For the same reason - to be original and famous - Hamlet frequently involves himself in films. Among the directors and producers there are many people of his type. They are little oriented to comfort and are very mobile, and therefore at any minute together they grow prettier by company are ready to leave for the hills somewhere to the very edge of light.

But there are other professions, where the people of this type with this type of pleasure realize themselves. Moreover, the discussion deals not only with the actors, the singers, the artists or the poets. From them are obtained almost best Pr -Рїki and kopiraytery. They are also remarkable, significant teachers, because by them it pleases itself to play the role of the leader before the children and moreover they actually be ill for them. They manage rather well, also, the teaching work in VUZ - Institute of Higher Education, since they are allotted by innate artistic taste and it pleases itself by them and it is possible to influence any audience. Certainly, all only will win, if object is humanitarian or if this there is geography! However, they can sometimes also teach mathematics or information theory (better in the school).

True, not all representatives of this type allow oneself the labor to finish the institute: life, love, entire peace from the early years beckon them and draw much more than dull studies. And if parents did not know how to in time bring up in small HAMLET the force of will or at least a feeling of responsibility, him it is difficult to force themselves to learn entire five years. However, are encountered such honest representatives of this type, who obtains even engineering education. But, as practice shows, HAMLET will always find, where to leave from the post of engineer into such sphere, where it will be more noticeable and it will be able to appear its bright, outstanding artistic talent.

Female portrait

GAMLETKA - this is the refined thin woman with noble face and elevated, noble view. Attention is drawn to royal carriage - straight back and the proudly planted head. In this case it light, elegant, elegant and can remain similar to the gray hairs themselves. It seems that this nebozhitel'nitsa cannot but be slightly haughty both haughty and, possibly, somewhere in the depth of soul it such there is. But it smiles! And it so to podkupayushche simply is held with those surrounding, that this is received as the favor, shown to you by high persona. But and who will keep balance?

It dresses BY GAMLETKA refined and it is stylish. If it works in the decent place, then the aim is office style. It with the pleasure is appointed into the elegant business suits, selecting under them suitable galstuki, cell phones under the color and other "business" accessories.

GAMLETKA seems self-sufficient and irresistable with its striking skill on the people to be in the excellent, elevated mood. It never will begin to laugh loud as abnormal, going by loud laughter at the inappropriate moment. It, in fact, is well brought up, restrained, intelligent. The manifestation of its feelings always under the control, and its emotions are so beautiful that next to it one cannot fail to yield to its good mood. GAMLETKA involuntarily conducts after itself, it is worthwhile only for man to fall in the field of its attraction. But if it not in the spirit - about the mountain by all, the mountain! But not we will stimulate attention in this.

Children, economy, harvesting, washing and preparation by it are completely uninteresting. Truly, it is created in order to shine, to attract attention and... to be entertained. By it is interesting peace, because it is full of people, and people greatly draw it, because it possesses the improbable, magnetic capability to attract them for itself. Strictly, from them is required only one - to be enraptured, to adore, to love! Indeed it such beautiful, such dear, such charming - really someone can remain indifferent? But if such be located, then against them will be started its entire unsurpassed artistic taste, which one can convince any! Well, almost any!

And here represent: this ephemeral, nezemnoye, flying essence can without zazreniya of conscience be late to the meetings (and also to the work, the business meetings and the conferences). And not because one cannot calculate time! But simply GAMLETKA always knows that easily it will be unscrewed from any awkward situation with the aid of its charm. Moreover it has unusual capabilities for spoken language, so that say it can everything, anything. But she speaks beautifully, rapidly, it is inspired and it is convincing. And on its face in this case is written this enthusiasm and this sincerity, which little whom can leave indifferent. On the whole, you will believe everything, that she will say in her justification!

The spirit of light hooliganism lives besides this in it, so that it makes possible for itself sometimes not to be "grow prettier by girl". Thus, princess Diana, when it yet not was princess, but was simply pretty very young girl, it went for a walk once with the girl friends on London. And since by it it was wanted a little to be entertained, they took and spoiled whose- that the machine, parked on the street, bay with its glue from the small balloon (with enormous quantity of glue from the set of small balloons) outside and inside - it is simple so, from the mischievousness. Certainly, this is atypical. And nevertheless girls of this type love different pranks, although - intelligible matter - each devises something its.

In the school many girls of this type are inquisitive and diligent students. They all could be such, if teachers did not interest them only as people, if they did not follow with the stressed attention the personal life of their classmates, they would not be immersed on the ears themselves in all school novels, and the house not of viseli always on the telephone. Indeed if we are dismantled - when them to learn? This life all around seethes, such passions boil! It cannot be missed! To build eyes and to poulybat'sya in order to obtain its five or four, and to live valuable life further! However, and among GAMLETOK are encountered otlichnitsy.

As far as sport is concerned, is the dear form of sport in GAMLETOK, this... theater. Everything begins from the theatrical circle in the school, and then completely it can be continued by entering into theatrical VUZ - Institute of Higher Education. Still they love to sing and to dance, briefly, to appear on stage, because in the soul in them - the storm of emotions. Well, can, storms occur nevertheless not each day, but already it is possible not to doubt relative to the sea of experiences.

Beautiful and deep emotionalism composes the basis of charm GAMLETKI, and, relying on its irresistibility, it can be introduced to whom conveniently and where it is convenient. In the company with it it is very gaily. First, in it there is no contrary nastyrnosti, and only dear, courteous manners. But in the second place, it artistichna, and with it to pleasant stir and to laugh, because it makes this dearly and unconstrainedly. It and itself adores all this enthusiasm and laughter, which soar above grow prettier by company. But you remember that the serious men with the expanded arms please themselves by it. Specifically, with this partner it can feel itself as after the rock wall. But its matter - to cheer up it at the necessary moment. Because if we throw out to the husband entire housework together with the children in addition, then it is necessary something to give to it and instead of!

In fact, this ephemeral essence not only tries to reduce the concern about the relatives to a minimum, not only it avoids to load itself with everyday problems, but even to its health it relates without any attention. It can forget to eat up, it can not note that it fell ill, can long time not be poured out and bring itself to the nervous disruption. It is understandable that the kinds, the health of children and many other questions, also do not fall in the field of its sight.

From the life: On 1 May, 1956, GAMLETKA of 40 years on snosyakh it left together with the husband to go for a walk along Novyy Arbat and, having randomly proven to be near roddoma im. Grauermana, it decided to visit and to learn, why in it already 3 weeks flows some water. After hearing this, personnel arrived into the horror: "in you waters went away! To immediately rozhat'! As it is possible! Child to posukhu will go! It is faster!" After hearing this, lady astonished. "A there even some waters are?", - it pronounced this was pensive, although its second child.

When girl was borne, it has edema of head, edema of face, and it 3 weeks did not open eye. Through the window of chamber GAMLETKA it said to his husband: "I will distress you. was borne blind child ". "well, nothing, comforted it he. - I blind children are talented. Recall Homer!" Fortunately, in 3 weeks it became clear that child sighted.

Soon after girl a little arrived into herself, young mom decided to transport it to the dacha. To her they isolated for this official machine and gave officer into the help. It assembled child, without having noted that it put on cap aslant, then itself dressed up, it packed hair and painted. In the machine of village beautiful and merry, in the outstanding mood. Weather was outstanding, they went with the breeze. Entire road mom joked, she laughed and flirted with the officer, without turning attention to the fact that from the open window to child inflated into the ear.

After two days it visited neighbor, famous to entire Moscow LOR doctor agroskin. He said: "in you girl yells and for long he cries. It has otitis ". "yes, I see, agitated child" - answered GAMLETKA. "it is necessary to make how and how, otherwise it in you will become deaf". And at the end it added: "you such a dear lady, 4 from you money will not take".

Then it is gay with GAMLETKAMI of house. As soon as it returns from the work, as if the lamp ignites for the relatives. Well, if only the assault of poor mood did not happen in it, because the representatives of this type have another tendency to dramatize entire proceeding around them.

However, all these abilities find remarkable use in the theater or the theatrical studio (in the library, in kindergarten, in the school, in the institute, in the house of culture). Specifically, these unusual women there most frequently work, since they actually know, as to play emotions even can learn to this capable. They are so devoted to the idea of theater that sincerely they know how to be absorbed in others by this matter, to join all by one idea, to inspire, to inspire confidence, that everyone together they makes the matter of enormous importance.

Among other professions, where GAMLETKI find to themselves good use, it is possible to name the profession of teacher or instructor, generally, any occupations, where they can be in sight, but not in the background, to ignite and to inspire, or to be of benefit to people do not forget, that to them by itself in this case is without fail necessary the love of those surrounding and their sincere acknowledgement.
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