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ok so i have a question and no idea whom to ask, Im tempted to ask on FB or craigslist but i feel really ignorant on the subject.

I draw, paint and do crafts at home in my spare time, i would like to sell these things and make a very small business. This seems to work for some people through ebay or etsy, but local work seems like a better idea.

So basically i was searching through companies locally that were looking for workers to assemble or create things, since i have most of my previous work experience in customer service and i really want to get out of that... but it occurred to me that I would prefer and could also possibly thrive on working independently.

If i could find people interested in any of the many things i have made or do, i could make a modest income (which is all i realistically am looking for). The problem is that i am not good at sales or being social, i dont have any connections or desire to interact with strangers :dry: so my question is ... Would it be possible/feasible to find someone to act as my manager or go-between to find clientele and promote my items? How would i go about finding someone to do this and what is expected of me?
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