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Managing your Boss

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Hi all,

I'm starting this new thread on how to manage our bosses in general. Basically, the idea is that once you've guess your bosses' MBTI type, you may wanna know the do's and dont' when dealing with him/her. Since I am an ENTJ, I will start first on ENTJ bosses. I will follow a particular questionnaire style when describing it. I hope that you all can jump in as well and give your opinions or how to manage your type as a boss. Please follow the format which I've used

Ok I will start now with the ENTJ boss!

1) What's the best way to approach an ENTJ Boss?
ENTJ 's love to give advice as they are very decisive. What's even more, they love it when people listen to their opinions. IMO, the best way to approach an ENTJ boss is to approach him with the intention to seek consultancy or seek his opinion

2) What appeals the most to ENTJ bosses?
- Efficiency : Having a Te with Ni cognitive function, ENTJs value efficiency above everything else. ENTJs love it if someone does things efficiently or even more, come up with new ideas on how to make things efficient
- Botton Line Approach : ENTJ's love it if people approach them with a solid bottom line. Basically, what's the end result? Whats the cost savings? an etc
- New Ideas and innovation : ENTJs are not traditionalists and they love new ideas and innovations.

3) What should you not do to an ENTJ boss?
- You should not bore ENTJ bosses with too many details. As ENTJs have little patience, ENTJs would normally get impatient if someone starts doing so. ENTJs prefer to 'cut the chase' and go straight to the point. On the other hand, ENTJ are conceptual minded and love theories, general ideas and etc. However, when explaining these elaborate theories, they should always stick to an end result in mind.

4) What can we take advantage from an ENTJ boss?
- Being a strong decisive extrovert, ENTJs are the kind of person which love to promote others. In meetings, ENTJs will be the guy to say, "Hey, why not we put that guy into that position"; "You know what, that guy is good, we should consider promoting him". In conculsion, if you work with an ENTJ boss, it is good to get on his good side. Once that is done, make sure you tell him what you want and be clear about it.

5) Any other tips when dealing with an ENTJ boss?
- With all the logic and efficiency in mind, ENTJs will sometime say things which hurt other people's feelings. When this happens, do not take it seriously as they really don't know what they're saying. Just apologize if you make a mistake and they will soon forget it.

Alright, that's all from me. Hope to see other posts or comments!
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