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I couldn't watch the video. A serial killer in the small town where I live kidnapped then killed a young woman that my husband and I were mentoring, and I was born and raised in Cleveland.

To answer what you wonder, yes, I think people are becoming "overwhelmed" by the magnitude of violence reported and depicted so frequently... as well as watching more and more technically "superb" rendering of violence.

That, and yet for some, they need more graphic depictions and more numerous reports to feed some kind of need that has been triggered to support the part of human wiring to be afraid, careful, protective, or filled with aversion.

Cleveland was an incredible town in so many ways, not just violence like "The Torso Murders" and many other infamous crimes.

I remember the best; I lived a lot that was horrid--including having a first cousin who was murdered by a huffer, aka glue sniffer, when he was tired of driving behind the car that was going so slow... and at the stop light, the driver got out, walked over to my cousin's car and shot him in the temple.

I am grateful, too, I was born and raised in the materially poor yet culturally rich areas.

The immigrants? We were the run-off from Europe, Canton China, Puerto Rico, Mexico...

I was and will always be a part of what made us rich.
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