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Greetings to happiness

The infrequent visitor, the unannounced guest

The oasis in the desert, replenishing zest

Inward it rushes like a blanket of ecstasy

Igniting limbs and dendrites out of paralyzed rest

All at once I have a flame beneath me

Chemistry in sync

All the pieces properly in place

Clarity to think

Reprieve from the torment of villainous despair

Shadows defeated and bridges repaired

But in the midst of the victory and depth of celebration

In the thick of the merriment and girth of elation

A sick, unfocused energy aggressively shrieks

Recklessly rambles and fearlessly seeks

It is its own worst enemy as it brazenly fires

Shatters the windows of a thousand desires

Compulsively it intrudes like a freewheeling creature

Attempts to topple towers without rhyme or procedure

Its visits are sporadic like a sparsely seen lover

You cling to its shoulders and nestle under its cover

Alas, it burns out twice as quickly though it lights twice as bright

As soon as it ignites the morning, it soons darkens the night

Use its energy wisely and accelerate with caution

This radiant rejuvenation only comes around so often

If you can, preserve your strength for future endeavour

Unwrap this gift carefully, it may sustain you forever
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