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Well, one thing that has helped me is meditation. If that doesn't work, then I water fast for a few days to a week as well.

One potential pitfall I see with INFJ's is that they can be pretty bad at listening to what their body needs. Perhaps too heavy a focus on super-ego, and not so much on id, if you get my drift. Your body can and will make you depressed and/or angry if it needs something bad enough. It could be something as simple as you need more fruit/meat/minerals in your diet, or some form of sexual experience. Sometimes your body is telling you that it's trying to fix itself, and you should stop and rest for a while. It can also be something much more primal than that.

It can take a number of sessions of meditation to uncover these things, but it is possible to ask yourself what the hell is going on - provided you learn the language.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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