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Manipulative/ Angry?

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I've noticed that over the past few months I've become very manipulative, attention seeking, angry, almost as if I'm also trying to find something to be angry about.

Nothing appears to be going wrong in my life, but I'm very much starting to hate myself for what I'm becoming.

I now cry and get very angry when I don't get what I want, never want to be alone, push certain people over in an attempt to make them as crap as I feel and even getting physically angry and scratching/ throwing things. Not nice at all.

Anyone experienced this or no the cause of their 'odd' behavior.

I'm always wanting to improve on myself and I really do not want to become a bitter person.

What do you do when you're stressed or angry?

Any advice/ experiences?
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Thank you for all your replies.

What I'm trying to remember during these 'episodes' is that these feelings are only temporary and if I can try my hardest to hold it down and think about it, rather than lash out and become angry, it's going to help me and the situation, allowing me to sit back and reflect on what these feelings were and to get better at handling it myself I guess.

It is very hard. I've been observing my anger and I find that when I am very unbalanced, emotionally, i become very very stubborn and it's quite hard to snap myself out of it.

Sigh, it is frustrating. I've now dropped out of Uni because of the stress ii've put myself under. Little things are getting the better of me.

I haven't tried meditation but I will be using this time to go to the gym and perhaps kill some frustration by working out.

Guess I'm back to not knowing what I want to do with my life, career wise.

There's nothing I want, apart from being happy and healthy.
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Thank you for your responses once again. It has been a while since this post was written so I've had quite abit of time to sit back and observe myself. I still recognize where these feelings stemmed from so I'm going to mention what made me feel like this.


I am quite a laid back, peaceful person and for me to become a very manipulative + angry person, means that I do not feel understood/ appreciated by someone, to be precise, being in an unbalanced relationship with a very unhealthy person drove me over the edge.

Choose your chosen family wisely.
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