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I'll second meditation and just doing things that would take your thoughts away from whatever it is that is making your angry. Sometimes I feel like my thought pattern gets stuck in this very negative loop. Doing something new, radically different, or just trying to empty my head of any thoughts at all (meditating) seems to help. I think this is why it is great to have ENFP friends - I'll come back home brooding and the ENFP that lives in same house with me is like "ooo do you know what happened today" then comes a whole story with many tangents branching off everywhere and I forget what it was that I was brooding about lol.

so lets see ... when I am continuously stressed I can overindulge in something that brings me physical pleasure, like eat lots of sweets and junk food, then feel bad about it and start working out like crazy basically overstraining myself - so first overdo it with eating then overdo it with exercise

when I am angry I just feel like I hate other people and myself, and want to sabotage everything for everyone, myself including, so it is sort of a self-destructive & group-destructive mode

sometimes I feel very down and angry out of nowhere really, a little mistake just triggers a huge wave of negative emotion that I start remembering everything that has ever gone wrong so it turns into a huge avalanche but usually in these moments I am aware that I am overreacting

For me the key to not experience these negative downturns is to:
1. not brood about the past but look towards future opportunities, especially positive ones - past cannot be changed but it can be like a swamp, it can suck you in and make you get stuck
2. forgive myself for little mistakes and not make mountains from molehills
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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