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Mario MBTI ESFP - Super Mario Bros. MBTI

Super Mario MBTI - Super Mario ESFP

I just made this Mario ESFP post so I'ma post it here too as well lol. Hope you enjoy the read.

So I figured I'd talk about one of the most obvious ESFPs ever with Super Mario himself here from the Super Mario Bros game series. Mario is ESFP and is one of the best ones of all time as we all know and the biggest video game character in the world made by a ENFP video game creator being Shigeru Miyamoto himself, an Ne dom in Nintendo and core foundation on why Nintendo succeeded in the 90s with his Ne idea on making the Arcade game Donkey Kong way back then that blew up and changed the world as we know. Which all led to Mario Bros and the Super Mario Bros. series and games we know and love today. Miyamoto an ENFP made Mario an ESFP and Link an ISFP, so there you have it, some of the greatest video game characters of all time are SPs not NFs or intuitive, let's give it up for them here, Mario is the the best and greatest ESFP game character and best ESFP character possibly ever and here's why with my opinion down below.

Super Mario Bros, can't wait to talk about this one and Mario here. Mario is energetic, fun, goofy, down to earth and practical. He's very hands on and is good with a hammer and a plumber at that which all works perfectly with his hands on Se and his Se reacting to details around him and using his hammer when necessary to smash things and enemies and his classic jumping ability as well. Mario uses his Se to jump very easily in the world around him and react and respond to details fully in the moment, he pays attention to all details around him with his Se and responds and reacts to details spontaneously and impulsively with his Se dom impulsiveness and spontaneity fully in the moment and is a excellent jumper because of it and his Se skills as an ESFP. He follows his inner values and heart inside which is all Fi, and doesn't care for what society says or thinks and goes on dangerous adventures and tries to save princess peach whenever he can and when necessary. He gets the job done with his Te ter and gets goals done with the things he cares about and is sometimes efficient when he can be and never fails to hop in and try to save Peach with a moments notice with his Te efficiency being third and Se jumping in on impulse in the moment and responding to details quickly when Peach gets kidnapped and jumping at the chance and moment to save her immediately without hesitation. He loves to entertain and perform in front of people with his jumped skills and Se and Fi as an ESFP performer, when he does his triple jump in some games he puts his hands up in the air like he just performed in front of people in a stage show or play he's in with the impression he's trying to show his jumping skills off to people and entertain them and perform in front of them and impress them with his great jumping skills and abilities he has with his Se. Any type can love physical activity and be good a doing physical things and like physical things too, including Ne users, but Mario clearly is a Se dom here with loving to pay attention to respond to all details around him with his Se and living fully in the moment with it too and just caring for reacting to details today only and not focusing on the past or future very much at all.

Mario is also very adaptable with his Se being in the moment, he can adapt to any weather and new details he has to respond to in the sensory environment with his Se and he reacts to all details around them and pays attention to all details around him easily while respond to them quickly and spontaneously in the moment without fail with his Se dom behavior all the time no matter what terrain or situation he's in or presented with. He's a plumber again and uses a hammer, this is the perfect hands on image of Se and Mario's character. He's a very hands on Se dom and ESFP that follows his heart and jumps and performs and reacts and responds to details fully in the moment and doesn't really care about the future too much with his inferior Ni and just goes with the flow with his Se and focuses on what's going on fully in the moment and what's going on today as well and takes life day by day with his Se in general in each game he's always in. Some of the best games Mario has been in is Super Mario RPG, and Paper Mario series along with the great classic platformer Mario games we know and love today like the masterpiece game of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Odyssey too along with many others like Galaxy and Mario 64.

Mario is the classic ESFP and one of the greatest ESFP characters of all time. ESFP is the best personality type for a platformer game series and a jumpman plumber, which is what he was named and called initially as Jumpman first haha, who uses a hammer to hit things and fight with his hands on Se that responds to all details around him in the moment, Miyamoto hit the mark and made the best ESFP game character ever clearly here with Mario and we thank him so much for the genius idea and creation he made with this amazing character and game series he created and invented for us, thank you Shigeru Miyamoto for everything. Everyone knows Mario around the world so I don't need to explain this. Feel free to share your opinion on this down below on what you think, if your curious on the other major characters, I type Bowser ESTJ, Princess Peach ESFJ, Princess Daisy ENFP, Luigi ISFJ. I can do more later on like the Paper Mario series and Super Mario RPG posts in depth at a later date. In short I type Mallow INFP btw and Geno INTJ.

Here's a great Mario ESFP post here by FunkyMBTI:
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