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Oftentimes when I hear a song my brain starts combining it with other songs. I wish I had the technology to see if they would actually work together or if my brain is just functioning on 2 cells. AnYwAy~


pretty please. pretty pretty please. please don't let me be the only one throwing my nonsense into this thread 馃ズ


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So I've got a mashup for you:

1. Take a reggae band with some rock/blues sounds
2. Front them with an Elvis impersonator
3. Have them do their own version of Led Zeppelin covers
4. Call them: Dread Zeppelin


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okay here's the OG brain mashup ... so OG that I could find it on youtube (but I promise, my brain independently alerted me of this too)

:ROFLMAO: Back in the day ~I have broke out at random gatherings with Ice Ice baby.... yes, I know all the words lmao I was informed later one year that there was a Christmas blow up snowman that did the Ice Ice baby song. It would have been cute I'm sure.
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