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Mass Murderers, Serial Killers, Conmen... the lot.

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I was just wondering if anyone knew of any well known criminals (such as murderers or even conmen etc) and their typing, to see whether there was a loose correlation between the two.

If you have any theories as to why they did what they did, opinions or even facts etc then please share.

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I was just thinking...

I was watching a documentary on a conman or conmen and how they would choose their words wisely and deceive of subtly pressure their "victims" to give money or do favours etc. And how they would live double lives. Then this whole idea came to me as to whether you could type someone. Even though they have these different traits they may be exhibiting different "personalities" to suit the alias or facade...

Do you think you would still be able to type a conman...?
When would the real and con begin and end.
Yeah, I don't know if most of these guys are typable or not. In the case of serial killers, for example, most of them are superficially charming and gregarious, yet are actually loners. While meeting a lot of Thinker stereotypes, I don't whether they can truly be considered thinkers or not. They meet those stereotypes, because they lack a conscience, more or less, but committing crimes isn't necessarily logical decision making, of any sort, when you know it can lead to imprisonment. I've seen people argue similar things are actually more of a value judgment process, in that it feels good or right to them. A vast majority of violent criminal offenders are said to be psychopathic or sociopathic.
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