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So, I've come to the conclusion that ENTIRELY not enough people have the slightest idea about how to give a good massage. Being a massage therapist, I'm going to go ahead and give some tips on the RIGHT way to do it. Feel free to ask questions. I've bolded the main points.

1. WARM the lotion/oil in your hands before you apply it on the back. I swear, if I have another guy give me a massage by squirting freezing cold lotion on my back, I'm going to lose it.

2. Spread the lotion/oil once you have warmed it up with your hands over each side of the spine, covering the sides. This works best when you give a massage standing by the person's head. Go down from the shoulders, to the lower back, to the sides, and back up to the shoulders.

3. AVOID THE SPINE. If you want to apply lotion over their spine, so be it. DO NOT MASSAGE THE SPINE. It's a bone with lots of nerves attached to it. It does not feel good massaged.

4. How to find a knot:
Muscles are supposed to run smoothly and feel smooth. Think about a girl with long hair. All the hair fibers are smooth when it's brushed. When there is a knot in the hair, you can feel it, kind of like a bump. That is essentially what is going on with your muscles. Your blood flows through the muscle fibers as it filters our your body. When there is a knot, all the "junk" (toxins and such) gets caught up there. This is why you feel uncomfortable when you have one. As you're massaging a person's back, you will feel a little "pop." This is a knot. There can be multiple pops, or just one big one. As you work the big one out, you will find there are many little ones. These knots DO move.

5. How to get a knot out:
Once you have located a knot, you can rub the area with your thumbs or the palms of your hands for a little while to warm it up. Once it is relaxed a little bit, put your thumb directly on it and press down with an amount of pressure the person is comfortable with for about 8 seconds. Rub it out again before applying direct pressure again.

6. Some facts about knots:
Aside from what I've already told you about the knots being a mass of fibers and toxins, knots sometimes are reffered to as "trigger points." This means that when you apply pressure to the knot that is in between your shoulder blade, you feel pain down your arm, leg, or up your neck. This is ok. Just keep working on it to the person's level of comfort. It's also ok if it doesn't go away after the first massge you give/get. Sometimes these things take months.

7. Other things to remember:
Unless you have already been intimate with someone, don't give them a naked massage. Cover their rear ends with a towel so they don't feel exposed and as though you're staring at their ass the entire time.
When you are giving someone a massage on their legs or arms, always remember to massage up towards the heart. It does not feel good to have all of your blood pushed down to your fingers or toes. Also, avoid the back of the knees and the front of the elbow (there are a lot of veins and arteries there, not much muscle to work on) be gentle going over them.
Another thing, try to keep your hands on the person as much as possible. Maintain contact with your forearm or elbow or something when you're getting more lotion.

This thread was inspired by a bad experience Monday night. I hope you guys have learned something!
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